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Caption Story Release Schedule

Following is a schedule of upcoming caption stories. The further you get from the current date, the more tentative it becomes. Some changes will be made (due to me accepting commissions, the story not working the way I want it to, or other unforeseen issues).  Also, it’s possible that the exact dates may be changed (due to workflow issues).  However, I will always keep everyone informed, and I’ll definitely release at least two caption stories (and one book) each month.  If a scheduling change causes issues for you, please don’t hesitate to CONTACT ME.

4/10/2020 – Hypnosis Story

After attending a hypnotist show, a man starts to slowly change his wardrobe (and his life).  Star TBD.

4/20/2020 –  Bigoted Boss/Dom story

A racist, sexist, and dominant man has the script flipped on him by one of his submissives.  Then, he is slowly feminized and forced to become the kept-slut of a gang of black men.  

5/9/2020 – Roommate Story

A man becomes roommates with his childhood bully, who he feminizes.  Star TBD.

5/19/2020 – Secretary Story

The young heir to a vast, multi-national corporation discovers that his father has been feminizing and enslaving his rivals for years.  Star TBD.

6/9/2020 – Feminized Husbands: Volume Three

In the third installment of this popular gameshow, a new group of men is feminized.  Stars TBD.

6/19/2020 – Job Loss Story

After losing his job, a man is forced to take a position as a receptionist at his wife’s place of work.  However, his new boss has certain expectations for his secretaries.  Star TBD.

7/9/2020 – Prostitution Story

A young, transgender escort is forced to confront her past.  Star TBD.

7/19/2020 – Boikini Season: Volume Two

A group of desperate young men agree to participate in a bikini contest.  Stars TBD.

8/9/2020 – Historically Black University Story

A young man mistakenly enrolls at an historically black university, where he’s forced to adapt to his new peers’ expectations.  Star TBD.

8/19/2020 – Drug Overdose Story

When a man accidentally overdoses on a new street drug, he’s beset by a series of ongoing side effects.  Star TBD.

9/9/2020 – Mind Control Story

A young woman develops the ability to control her friend’s mind, which sends him down a humiliating path of feminization.  Star TBD.

9/19/2020 – Stepfather Feminization Story

A teenaged girl catches her stepfather cheating and blackmails him into becoming her feminized plaything.

10/9/2020 – Transgender Entitlement Program

In a world where the female population is dwindling, the government sets up a new program to bring the genders into balance.  Faced with abject poverty, a young man has no choice but to take advantage of the program.

10/19/2020 – Online Identity Story

A young man catfishes another man by pretending to be a woman.  The other man finds him and forces him into the online identity he had adopted.

11/9/2020 – Captured Soldier Story

A solider is captured and forcibly feminized and sold into prostitution by a group of terrorists.  Star TBD.

11/19/2020 – Desperate Father Story

A down-on-his luck man adopts a feminine identity in order to be a part of his family’s life (think a sexy “Mrs. Doubtfire”!). Star TBD.

12/9/2020 – Hockey Story

After being kicked off the team, a college hockey player is manipulated into becoming a female figure skater.

12/19/2020 – Rehabilitation Story

In a black-dominated world, a resistant family is sent to rehabilitation.  Stars TBD.