Caption Story Release Schedule

Following is a schedule for the release of my caption stories.  For now, I’m going to be releasing two each month (on the 9th and 19th), but that could change in the future.  I won’t do less, but from time to time, I might do an extra, unscheduled story.  So, keep an eye on the blog for more information!


 1/9/2018 – Role Model

A shy young man hates his father’s new wife, who he regards as a bimbo trophy wife.  However, after a trip to a family therapist, he begins to appreciate her in a whole new light.  Stars Alix Lynx.

1/19/2019 – “Sons of Anarchy”

In an homage to the television program, “Sons of Anarchy”, Jax Teller escapes the titular motorcycle gang by fleeing across the country.  When they have a close call with a Nomad biker, his girlfriend, Tara decides that new identities are in order.  Features Kagney Lynn Karter

2/9/2019 – Feminization Fetish

When his wife finds out about his feminization fetish, a man is forced to take it further than he ever thought possible.  Star Arielle Faye.

2/19/2019 – Gemini Vol. 3

In the third installment of the Gemini Series, a young man takes his mother’s place.  However, after he’s transformed, he realizes that he’s in for a very different situation than he envisioned.  Features Dani Jensen.

3/9/2019 – Celebrity Look-a-Like

A young man is kidnapped, feminized, and forced into prostitution as a shemale version of a famous singer.  Stars Apolonia Lapiedra.

3/19/2019 – Cheating Story

A man is caught cheating on his wife, who leaves him.  However, when he begs to get back together with her, she institutes a few new rules.  Stars Cherie Deville.

4/9/2019 – Arms Dealer

A young ATF agent accepts an assignment to go undercover as an arms dealer’s long-lost transgender daughter.  Features Megan Salinas.

4/19/2019 – Filipina Servitude

The do-nothing son of a wealthy Filipino-American family is sent to work as an indentured servitude in Kuwait.  When he gets there, his mistress has some outlandish ideas about his role in her household.  Features Michelle Maylene.

5/9/2019 – Racecar Driver

After being wrecked in the Indy 500, a man is told he’ll never race again.  So, he vows revenge on the man ended his racing career.  Features Alexis Texas.

5/19/2019 –  Arranged Marriage

To appease a powerful man, a woman offers her no-good son up as a wife.  Stars Priya Rai

6/9/2019 – Feminization School

After flunking out of college, a young man is sent to a feminization school.  Multiple stars TBD.

6/19/2019 – Role Reversal Story

When his wife gets a promotion at work, she starts to become more dominant.  And when he gets demoted at his own job, he and his wife start to assume opposite gender roles, eventually resulting in a complete switch.

7/9/2019 – Journalist Story

An enterprising journalist investigates a forced feminization in ring and ends up becoming part of the story.  Stars Scarlet Red.

7/19/2019 – Fraternity Story

A fraternity war gets out of hand, resulting in the bulk of a fraternity being feminized.  Multiple stars TBD.

8/9/2019 – Widower Story

A man can’t cope with his wife’s death and slowly assumes her identity.  Star TBD.

8/19/2019 – Football Bet

After losing his fantasy football league, a man is forced to make a series of feminizing changes to his life.  Star TBD.

9/9/2019 – Bar Story

After visiting a fetish bar which is staffed entirely by transgender women, a man is unable to resist the urge to keep going back.  Eventually, he becomes one of the staff.  Star TBD.

9/19/2019 – Feminized Husbands: Volume Two

In an attempt to win an obscene amount of money, a group of ten men undergo drastic transformations.  Multiple stars TBD.

10/9/2019 – Gemini: Volume Four

The owner of a struggling business agrees to adopt his sister’s (who works as his assistant) identity. Star TBD.

10/19/2019 – Halloween Crossdressing Story

A woman convinces her husband to attend a Halloween party dressed as a girl, which sends him down the path of complete feminization.  Star TBD.

11/9/2019 – Baseball Player Story

An up-and-coming minor league baseball player hits a slump.  To get an edge, he starts to take some questionable supplements which have the opposite of the desired effect.  Star TBD.

11/19/2019 – Corporate Story

When a company falls under new ownership, its (male) employees are subjected to an increasingly restrictive dress code.  Multiple stars TBD.

12/9/2019 – Home for the Holidays

A girl comes home from college to find that her father isn’t the man he used to be.  Star TBD.

12/19/2019 – Military Story

In an attempt to infiltrate a militant, feminist cult, a group of soldiers are feminized.  Stars TBD.

1/9/2020 – Pop Singer Story

A striking woman takes control of a pop singer’s life.  Star TBD.

1/19/2021 – Porn Producer

A misogynistic porn producer is persuaded to get in front of the camera.  Star TBD.

2/9/2020 – Kidnapped Runaway

A teenaged boy is kidnapped and forcibly feminized.  Star TBD.

2/19/2020 – Getting In Shape Story

In order to lose weight, an overweight man starts taking an experimental supplement.  It works, but it has some curious side effects.  Star TBD.

3/9/2020 – Bigoted Boss story

A racist, sexist man is slowly feminized and forced to become the kept-slut of a gang of black men.  Star TBD.

3/19/2020 – Pregnancy Story

A couple, unable to conceive, start an experimental program which would have the man carry the child.  It has unforeseen side effects.  Star TBD.

4/9/2020 – Hypnosis Story

After attending a hypnotist show, a man starts to slowly change his wardrobe (and his life).  Star TBD.

4/19/2020 – Gang Leader Story

A ruthless gang leader is captured and feminized by his rival.  Star TBD.

5/9/2020 – Roommate Story

A man becomes roommates with his childhood bully, who he feminizes.  Star TBD.

5/19/2020 – Secretary Story

The young heir to a vast, multi-national corporation discovers that his father has been feminizing and enslaving his rivals for years.  Star TBD.

6/9/2020 – Feminized Husbands: Volume Three

In the third installment of this popular gameshow, a new group of men is feminized.  Stars TBD.

6/19/2020 – Job Loss Story

After losing his job, a man is forced to take a position as a receptionist at his wife’s place of work.  However, his new boss has certain expectations for his secretaries.  Star TBD.

7/9/2020 – Prostitution Story

A young, transgender escort is forced to confront her past.  Star TBD.

7/19/2020 – Boikini Season: Volume Two

A group of desperate young men agree to participate in a bikini contest.  Stars TBD.

8/9/2020 – Historically Black University Story

A young man mistakenly enrolls at an historically black university, where he’s forced to adapt to his new peers’ expectations.  Star TBD.

8/19/2020 – Drug Overdose Story

When a man accidentally overdoses on a new street drug, he’s beset by a series of ongoing side effects.  Star TBD.

9/9/2020 – Mind Control Story

A young woman develops the ability to control her friend’s mind, which sends him down a humiliating path of feminization.  Star TBD.

9/19/2020 – Stepfather Feminization Story

A teenaged girl catches her stepfather cheating and blackmails him into becoming her feminized plaything.

10/9/2020 – Transgender Entitlement Program

In a world where the female population is dwindling, the government sets up a new program to bring the genders into balance.  Faced with abject poverty, a young man has no choice but to take advantage of the program.

10/19/2020 – Online Identity Story

A young man catfishes another man by pretending to be a woman.  The other man finds him and forces him into the online identity he had adopted.

11/9/2020 – Captured Soldier Story

A solider is captured and forcibly feminized and sold into prostitution by a group of terrorists.  Star TBD.

11/19/2020 – Desperate Father Story

A down-on-his luck man adopts a feminine identity in order to be a part of his family’s life (think a sexy “Mrs. Doubtfire”!). Star TBD.

12/9/2020 – Hockey Story

After being kicked off the team, a college hockey player is manipulated into becoming a female figure skater.

12/19/2020 – Rehabilitation Story

In a black-dominated world, a resistant family is sent to rehabilitation.  Stars TBD.