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Caption Story Release Schedule

Following is a schedule of upcoming caption stories. I always intend to release two caption stories per month, but as with everything, that can change due to unforeseen circumstances. However, if I do get behind, I will endeavor to catch back up. In addition, some unannounced changes may be made (for a variety of reasons, ranging from the story idea just not working to my acceptance of commissions). I will do my best to keep everyone informed, though. If scheduling issues cause a problem for you, please don’t hesitate to CONTACT ME.  In addition, I should note that the listed models (if applicable) are subject to change.  




Jealous Stepfather Story

A has-been actor gets jealous of his stepmother’s and stepsisters’ popularity, leading him to experiment with crossdressing and ultimately to transform himself into a woman.  

PED Story

A would-be professional golfer decides to take performance enhancing drugs in order to get an edge on his competition. They have the opposite effect.  Featuring Siri (maybe; I could change my mind here).  



Resort Story

A man and his wife accept positions working an elite resort. However, their employment requires drastic changes.  Featuring Holly Hendrix.

Stripper Story

After causing a fatal accident on the job, a construction worker’s life goes off the rails. His meek girlfriend sees it as an opportunity to make some changes to their relationship dynamic.  Featuring Aaliya Hadid.



Horrible Bosses (extreme edition!)

When his company comes under fire for not providing a living wage to his employees, a CEO agrees to survive for a year living like his lowest paid employee. However, what he doesn’t expect is that said employee is a recently hired secretary.  Featuring Danica Dillon.

Influencer Story

A young man becomes obsessed with a female Twitch streamer and starts to emulate her.   Featuring Kali Roses.



Nerd to Bad Girl Story

A self-professed nerd decides to reinvent himself when he goes to college. With the help of his cousin, he adopts a brand-new persona as a tattooed bad girl.  Featuring Leigh Raven.

The Bet

A series of best get out of hand when a man keeps losing, pushing him further and further into a life of feminization.  Featuring Jelena Jensen.



Evil Boss Story

A man makes a bet with his friend that he can completely feminize his subordinate.  Featuring Nikki Benz (probably, though I’m not sure about this one).

Arranged Marriage Story

A longtime, Indian bachelor is forced by his family to agree to an arranged marriage. However, that marriage turns out to be to the man who was supposed to marry his sister.  Featuring Priya Rae (also not positive; the model and the ethnicity of the protagonist could change).



Border Patrol Story

A border patrol agent runs afoul of a ring of coyotes who kidnap and transform him into a sexy, Latina woman. He escapes across the border, but he’s horrified to learn that he’s on the opposite side of the law, now.  Featuring Gina Valentina.  

Gemini: Volume 6

For the titular show, a young man switches places with his MILF mother.  Featuring Chanel Preston.  



Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong (sister)

A young man who blames his looks for everything wrong in his life decides to get extreme plastic surgery to look like his favorite movie star. However, a mix-up at the clinic transform him into a bimbo.  Featuring Karma Rx.



 Soldier Story

A recently discharged soldier comes home to find that his girlfriend was cheating on him during deployment. With nothing keeping him there, he decides to move across the country to live with his buddy who’d been discharged eighteen months before. He’s surprised to find that his friend has transitioned into womanhood, and while staying with her, the former soldier finds himself slowly adopting a more feminine role.  Featuring Nia Nacci.

Father Story (altered)

After a lifetime in the closet, a man is given the chance to transition into a woman. However, that chance comes with a twist, and soon, he finds himself taking the place of his adopted son’s girlfriend.  Featuring Kyler Quinn.



Private Investigator Story

While investigating the disappearance of a young man, a private investigator runs afoul of a sex trafficking ring. They kidnap, forcibly feminize, and sell him as a sex slave. However, he soon finds his way free, rescuing the young man (now woman) in the process. They have issues reintegrating into society.  Featuring Brooklyn Chase.



Father/Son Story

The son of a chauvinist is kidnapped and forcibly feminized. Throughout the process, the father is sent progress photos of his son, and the kidnappers demand that the father feminize himself (to keep his son from being sold into sexual slavery).  Featuring Brandi Love and Kimmy Granger.

Domestic Violence Story

After being drunkenly assaulted by her husband, a woman forces him to assume a more submissive role in the relationship.  Featuring Lauren Phillips.