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Book Release Schedule

Following is a schedule for my book releases.  I will release one each month (on the 29th).



2/29/2020 – Old West Story (Titled TBD)

An old-west gunslinger must pose as an ally’s daughter to escape the law.  Soon, the act becomes all too real.  

3/29/2020 – Swapped

After an ill-fated wish, a young man slowly switches places with his mother.

4/29/2020 – Basketball Story (Title TBD)

A great basketball player on the downslope of his career slowly starts transforming into a young white girl.

5/29/2020 – Undercover High School Student Story (Title TBD)

To find the origin of a deadly new drug, a rookie police officer goes undercover as a female high school student.

6/29/2020 – Warrior Book (Title TBD)

A Young warrior is captured by a group of Amazons and forced to conform to their role-reversed society.

7/29/2020 – Role Reversed World (Title TBD) Book

A look at an all-male football team in a role-reversed version of our own reality.

8/29/2020 – Pet Story (Title TBD)

A hedge fund manager and his wife (both horrible people) are kidnapped and forced into sexual servitude.

9/29/2020 – Western Story

A Billy-the-Kid-esque outlaw is forced to go on the run while posing as a woman.

10/29/2020 – Superhero Book (Title TBD)

After finding an alien artifact, a young man is transformed into a powerful superhero.  However, that power comes with a price: his masculinity!

11/29/2020 –Kidnapping Book (Title TBD)

A do-nothing young man is kidnapped and feminized.

12/29/2020 – Age Regression Book (Title TBD)

A young boy is feminized and infantilized by his little sister.