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Book Release Schedule

Following is a schedule for my book releases.  I will release one each month (on the 29th).

2/28/2019 – Little Man

After his wife finds evidence of his age regression fetish, a man is forced to assume the role of a high school freshman.

3/29/2019 – Fantasy Book (Title TBD)

A country stuck in a perpetual, two-sided war succumbs to her neighbors, the female-dominated nation to her west and the savage barbarians to her east.  This spells doom for its population as its men are forcibly transformed into feminine, submissive slaves while the women are sent away.

4/29/2019 – Voyeur, Inc.

A young man finds an ad online for a company who offers to “practically put you into the skin of your favorite celebrity”.  Thinking that it’s just another voyeur site, he responds, which sends him down the road to becoming a female celebrity’s doppleganger.

5/29/2019 – A New World

A colonist on his way to tame a new planet wakes up from hibernation to find himself almost completely transformed.

6/29/2019 – Elf Story (Title TBD)

A race of elves is subjected to a feminizing curse perpetrated by their sworn enemy, the orcs.  This is a tribute to a series of comic panels I saw a while back.  I can’t remember the artist’s name, but I can definitely remember how awesome it was.

7/29/2019 – American Tranny

A closeted transgender girl lets out her true nature while at spring break.  The romance between her and a newly met boy turns sour when he learns the truth of her gender.

8/29/2019 – Once Bitten

A pair of men take things too far at a bachelor party and suffer the consequences.

9/29/2019 – Not a Freak

A transgender pornstar’s memoir.

10/29/2019 – Wide Right

A replacement kicker misses the field goal of his life and, due to a rabid fanbase, must go into hiding.

11/29/2019 – Tricked Feminization Book (Title TBD)

A naïve young man is tricked by a romantic rival into becoming a sissy.

12/29/2019 – A Simple Joke

A simple joke becomes something much more life-changing when a young man is mistaken for a real transgender girl.

1/29/2020 – Revenge

An oppressed, gay geneticist unleashes a far-reaching plague which feminizes “alpha” males.

2/29/2020 – Swapped

A young man slowly switches places with his stepmother.

3/29/2020 – Warrior Book (Title TBD)

A young warrior is captured by a group of Amazons and forced to conform to their society.

4/29/2020 – Basketball Story (Title TBD)

A great basketball player on the downslope of his career slowly starts transforming into a young white girl.

5/29/2020 – Undercover High School Student Story (Title TBD)

To find the origin of a deadly new drug, a rookie police officer goes undercover as a female high school student.

6/29/2020 – Sequel to “An Experiment” (Title TBD)

In the far-flung future of 2124, the world is far different from what we know.  In it, men and women have effectively switched roles.  This story follows a male cop who’s abducted and sent back in time to correct the world’s course.

7/29/2020 – Role Reversed World (Title TBD) Book

A look at an all-male football team in a role-reversed version of our own reality.

8/29/2020 – Pet Story (Title TBD)

A hedge fund manager and his wife (both horrible people) are kidnapped and forced into sexual servitude.

9/29/2020 – Third in “An Experiment” Trilogy (Title TBD)

Plot TBD.

10/29/2020 – Superhero Book (Title TBD)

After finding an alien artifact, a young man is transformed into a powerful superhero.  However, that power comes with a price: his masculinity!

11/29/2020 –Kidnapping Book (Title TBD)

A do-nothing young man is kidnapped and feminized.

12/29/2020 – Age Regression Book (Title TBD)

A young boy is feminized and infantilized by his little sister.