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Book Release Schedule

Following is a schedule for my book releases.  I will release one each month (on the 29th).



7/29/2020 – Dark Elf War Book 2

Continue to follow Ash and Mia’ka as they take back Tere’Lua’Sanmian and wage war against the dark elves.

8/29/2020 – Dark Elf War Book 3

Ash takes the battle to the dark elves home.

9/29/2020 – Western Story

A Billy-the-Kid-esque outlaw is forced to go on the run while posing as a woman.

10/29/2020 – Superhero Book (Title TBD)

After finding an alien artifact, a young man is transformed into a powerful superhero.  However, that power comes with a price: his masculinity!

11/29/2020 –Kidnapping Book (Title TBD)

A do-nothing young man is kidnapped and feminized.

12/29/2020 – Age Regression Book (Title TBD)

A young boy is feminized and infantilized by his little sister.