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Book Release Schedule

Following is a schedule for my book releases.  I will release one each month.  Obviously, dates/subjects are subject to change (based on my workflow).  If you have any issues, please don’t hesitate to let me know via my CONACT ME page.


November Story – Superhero Book (Title TBD)

After finding an alien artifact, a young man is transformed into a powerful superhero.  However, that power comes with a price: his masculinity!

December Story –Kidnapping Book (Title TBD)

A do-nothing young man is kidnapped and feminized.

January Story – Mother-in-Law Domination Story (Title TBD)

A young groom is taken in hand and forcibly feminized by his mother-in-law.

February Story – Knight Story (Title TBD)

After upsetting the queen, a young knight is punished by forcing him to become one of her ladies.  At first, this is a simple (and temporary) humiliation in which he’s expected to act the part.  However, it soon progresses out of control, and he finds himself in dresses.