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Book Release Schedule

Following is a schedule for my book releases.  I will release one each month.  Obviously, dates/subjects are subject to change (based on my workflow).  If you have any issues, please don’t hesitate to let me know via my CONACT ME page.


August Story – Internet Fame

In the near future, a young man agrees to participate in a first-of-its-kind competition in which his every action is determined by popular vote (as dictated to him via a chip implanted at the base of his brain).  At first, everything goes well, and he’s having a good time, but after a night at the bar when he’s forced to go home with a strange man, things take an erotic (and very feminine!) turn.  

September Story – MMORPG Story


When a young man gets a job as a video game tester, he’s over the moon about finally breaking into the gaming industry.  However, as he starts testing a new MMORPG, the line between reality and the game begin to blur, and he soon starts adopting his avatar’s characteristics.  


October Story – Best Friends Story


In an ill-advised scheme to maintain his sex life with his girlfriend, a young man poses as his girlfriend’s best (female) friend while spending the summer with her family.  Before long, things get out of control when her brother starts making moves on him.  


November Story – Crossdressing Story


When a man reveals his crossdressing past to his wife, she reacts surprisingly supportively.  Soon, the pair are switching roles, and he finds himself living a life he never thought he could.  


December Story – Pet Story


 While on vacation in Mexico, a newlywed couple are kidnapped.  Soon, their fate becomes clear as the man is feminized, and they’re both trained as sex slaves.