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I just wanted to give everyone a quick update as to the status of my next caption story (and, for those of you who care, what’s going on in my life after the hurricane).  Basically, I’m back home now and things are mostly back to normal.  I’ve got power, water, and internet access, so that’s covered.  So, I’m now able to work unfettered, which means that the new story is on the horizon (I intend to release it somewhere between the 1st and the 2nd, with the latest book coming a few days after that).  Thanks to everyone who inquired after my well-being.  I’m safe, sound, and back to work.

New Caption Story – Imposter

Okay, guys – I’ve gotten internet access back (for now), and I should be back to normal posting. So, I was able to upload the new story.

Featuring Kenna James, it’s the story of a young man who, after being persuaded to participate in his girlfriend’s crossdressing fetish, a young man falls down the slippery slope of feminization. However, when she breaks up with him, he becomes obsessed with her, eventually transforming himself into her doppelganger.

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Hurricane Update

So, a lot of you have asked for an update as to my situation. Right now, I’m still at my parents’ place because where I live took a direct hit from Hurricane Sally (like, the eye probably passed over my house; I’m not sure because I had already evacuated). My parents’ place (which didn’t take a direct hit, but was still affected) still doesn’t have power (we’re running off of a gas generator right now) and my neighbor told me that my house still doesn’t have power/water/internet. So, I’m probably going to be stuck here for a bit. That said, I hope to be able to start posting again (new story coming as soon as I have internet here; I’m posting this using my phone as a hot spot) soon. I’m just waiting on internet access right now. So, please just bear with me. I’ll update as soon as I can.