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New Caption Story – The Fame Game

Today, I published a brand-new caption story called “The Fame Game”.  Featuring Veronica Avluv, it follows a washed-up former athlete-turned-reality-star who, in an effort to capture the sort of fame his wife and stepdaughter have, decides to become a woman.

If you’d like to read this story, you can do so by becoming a member of my site.  To find out more, just click the following link:


Feminization Caption – A Good Trade

Over the past few months, I’ve gotten a little burned out.  It’s happened before, and it’ll likely pass pretty soon.  However, to keep that from happening again, I’m going to start taking Saturdays and Sundays off (from doing the single captions).  If a caption story or book release date happens to fall on those days, I’ll for sure still release them then.  In addition, the caption story should release tomorrow (or at the latest, the next day).  So, look forward to that!