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A Correction

I’m making this post because I needed to make a quick correction.  The second caption story for this month isn’t the widower story that I talked about in my July schedule post.  I got a little mixed up (it happen!) and swapped it with the story that was supposed to be there.  So, instead of that one, I’ll be publishing the originally scheduled story with the following premise:

A young man loses a bet with his friend, which sends him down the road to feminization.  Features Trinity St. Clair or Shyla Jennings (depending on how it works out).

The widower story will be published next month.  I hope that doesn’t inconvenience anyone.

July Release Schedule

I know this is a bit late in the month to do this; I’ve just been really busy the last few days, and it kind of slipped my mind.  However, I still wanted to do a quick post on what’s in store for this month.  First, though, let’s do a recap of what came last month:

First up (on 6/10/2019), I released the caption story “The Primrose Academy”.  Featuring the incomparable Lexi Belle, the beautiful Sarah Banks, and the busy Shae Summers, it followed a young man (and others like him) who’s sent to a special school which specializes in the feminization of males.

Then, on 6/19/2019, I released the caption story “Representation”.  Starring one of my favorite models, Karlee Grey, it told the story of a white man who’s transformed into a Latina woman so his partner can get elected to political office.

And finally, on 6/29/2019, a released my latest book “For His Own Good”, an age regression tale which follows a teenaged boy who’s forced to assume the role of a little girl.  Soon, events conspire to put him in increasingly humiliating situations as his regression becomes more and more pronounced.  For those of you who aren’t members, this book is only for sale via Smashwords.  Just click the cover image below to be redirected to its listing.

So, June was a fun (if stressful) month, and I think July will prove to be just as exciting.  In fact, I’ve already published one of this month’s stories, and it’s been greeted with quite a nice response.  So, we’re off to a good start.

First up, I released “Spouse Swap”, featuring Sophia Leone.  It’s a bit of a sister story to the popular Gemini series (PART ONEPART TWO, and PART THREE), and it follows a man and a woman as the swap lives (and appearances).

And on 7/19/2019, I’ll release this month’s second caption story, an as-yet-untitled tale in which a young man loses a bet, which sends him down the road to feminization.  (edited from original post because I mixed up this story and the first caption story for next month).

Then, on 7/29/2019, I’ll release my next book, called “American Tranny”.  It follows an oppressed transgender teenager as she tries to live a double life.  After a horrible encounter at spring break, she’s outed and forced to deal with the consequences.  I’ve been working on this one (off and on) for quite some time, and I’m really excited to finish it.

So, like I said, I think July will be a good month, and I look forward to seeing everyone’s reactions to the new content.  If you’re not already a member, it’s never been a better time to become one.  In addition to getting access to all these stories, you’ll also be able to read my library of well over a hundred others in a similar vein.  To find out more about what membership entails, just click on the following link:


New Caption Story – Spouse Swap

Today, as scheduled, I’ve released a new caption story called “Spouse Swap”.  A spinoff of the popular “Gemini” series, it follows a man and a woman as they switch places and try to adapt to one another’s lives.  However, both lives turn out more to be a lot more complicated than either expected.  It features Sophia Leone.

If you’d like to read this (or the 100+ other stories I’ve published), you’ll have to become a member of the site.  To find out more about the different memberships available, just click on the following link:


For those interested, I’ll be posting the rest of the month’s schedule either later today or tomorrow.  I meant to do it earlier, but life sort of got in the way.  I apologize for any inconvenience the lack may have caused.