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New Caption Story – Daddy’s Boy

This one’s a little late (for reasons specified in the past few days), but better late than never, right?  In any case, I published my latest caption story, called “Daddy’s Boy” today.  Starring Elsa Jean, it follows a naive young man as he runs away from home, unwittingly joins a cult, is feminized, and, finally, pushed into prostitution.  So yeah – there’s a lot going on there!

If you’d like to read this story (or the 100+ others available to members of my site), just click on the following link to learn more about membership:


Story Coming Soon

I just wanted to make a quick post letting you all know that the new story should be posted in the next hour or so.  I know I’m pushing the end of the day to its limits, but I just finished editing.  As soon as I get it framed, I’ll upload it so you all can read it.  Again, I apologize for the late posting, and I hope this is the last time it happens.

A Small Delay

Because of my recent sickness (almost four days where I couldn’t really do anything!), the new story (Daddy’s Boy) is going to be delayed slightly.  I’m going to try to get it posted tomorrow, but there’s every possibility it won’t be out until Thursday.  I hope you’ll all understand.  However, if this causes any issues for you, please let me know via my CONTACT ME page.

Like I said before, I apologize.  I’ve been going through a lot these past couple of months, but I think there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.  And I hope to get my schedule (and my workflow) properly sorted out.  I can only ask that you all continue to be patient with me as I work through these issues.

Again, I’m sorry, and I hope this is the last delay for quite some time.