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New Caption Story – Love Story

It’s probably an hour late, but I finally finished the new caption story, called “Love Story”.  This one follows a young man who, after his friend convinces him to join an all-female gym, discovers his feminine side.  Along the way, he has to come to terms with his own unhappiness with his life and make changes.

If you’d like to read this one, you can do so by becoming a member.  To find out more, just click the following link:


Caption Mini-Series – Whatever it Takes (24 and 25)

And so comes the end of another mini-series.  Tomorrow, I’ll publish the latest caption story, and then the day after that, I’ll get back to posting single-frame captions for a while.  Anyway, hope you enjoyed this one!


If you want to read the whole story all the way through, just click the following image: