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Following are what I’ve decided to call mini-series. They’re not as long as my typical caption stories (5-15 frames, as opposed to 70-100+), but they’re self-contained (and free) narratives for everyone to enjoy.

Under the guise of helping him to come out of his shell, a young man is manipulated into womanhood by his best friend. Features Tia Cyrus. Click HERE to read the story.

In an homage to “College Changes a Boy”, Homecoming focuses on a transformed young man as he comes home from studying overseas. Features Naomi Woods. Click HERE to read the story.

A lifelong crossplayer (a cosplayer who likes to crossdress as female characters) makes a bet with his stepsister that culminates in him reawakening his need for femininity as well as a fetish for attention, domination, and humiliation. Click HERE to read the story. Features Zoe Bloom.

After a woman catches her longtime boyfriend cheating, she makes it clear that it’s her way or the highway, sending him down the path toward feminization. Features Tiffany Brookes.  Click HERE to read the story.

A man experiences an amazing transformation when he and his wife go on a vacation to an exclusive resort. Click HERE to read the mini-series.

During a pandemic, when a man and a woman are quarantined, she insists that he earns his keep by acting as her maid, complete with his own uniform. Click HERE to read the mini-series.