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These are some frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers:

Q: How do I see the caption stories?

A: In order to view the caption stories, you’ll have to become a member.  There are two levels (Gold and Platinum), but you only have to be a Gold Member to access the caption stories.  You can find out more HERE.

Q: I’m a paid member, but I’m getting a message saying I’m not authorized to view member content. What gives?

Not to worry.  This is probably an issue with your login.  Often, this issue crops up because your browser automatically logged you out when you closed the window.  Simply look on the right side of your screen, scroll down to where it says “Log In” (just past “Recent Blog Posts” and check to see if you’re logged in.  If you are, it’ll say “You’re already logged in”.  If you’re not, there will be a pair of field for you to enter your login information. If this doesn’t solve your issue, CONTACT ME for further troubleshooting. 

Q: How does the charge appear on my bank or credit card statement?

This is a complicated question to answer because most of it isn’t in my hands.  I’ve set it up with Stripe (the company who manages the credit card transactions) to display as FSP-NJ.  However, some financial institutions will ignore that request and display the website name.  I can’t do much about that.  However, if you sign up via Paypal, it should show up as a Paypal transfer without specifying the website. 

Q: How do I cancel?

To cancel, click HERE.  Look on the far right of the resulting page and click “Cancel”. 

Q: How often are new stories published?

I published two new caption stories and one book each month.  Generally, the first caption story comes towards the beginning of the month, the book in the middle, and the second caption story at the end.  That said, sometimes I mix things up!

Q: What’s the difference between Platinum and Gold Membership levels?

A Platinum Membership will allow you to access all of my content (caption stories and books).  Gold memberships will only allow you to access the caption stories.