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I just published my latest caption story, called “Trapped”.  Featuring Natasha Nice, it follows a man who, while suffering from erectile dysfunction, is caught by his wife subscribing to his high school crush’s OnlyFans account.  She surmises that he has a porn addiction and sends him to therapy for treatment.  The therapist, though, has some curious methods of treating said porn addiction, including chastity and role reversal (so he doesn’t see women as objects).

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However, I should remind all of you that, because Stripe (one of the payment processors I’ve used since this site started) recently changed their user agreement to prohibit adult content, my account with them has been cancelled.  So, those of you who paid for your memberships via Stripe will have to switch over to Paypal (the other payment processor I’ve used since the site’s inception).  To do so, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Front Page of the Site (
  2. Click “My Account” (located at the top, just below the logo, third in line)
  3. Click “Subscriptions”
  4. Click “Cancel”
  5. Click “Re-Subscribe”
  6. Click the circle next to “Paypal”
  7. Click “Sign Up”
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  10. Continue to Enjoy the Site

If anyone has any issues with that, please let me know via my CONTACT ME.  I’ll try to respond as quickly as I can.