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Okay, so this month’s a bit different in terms of releases – and in a good way, I think. Basically, I was putting together pictures for a mini-series, and I decided to grow it a bit into a full-fledged caption story (albeit a shorter one than normal). I still intend to release another (longer) caption story on the 31st (maybe the 1st or 2nd, if I get hung up on anything). So, the net result is that members of my site get an extra caption story this month.

This one, called “Red-Handed”, features Jodie Gasson, and it follows a man who, disguised as a woman, follows his fiance to a women’s-only resort in the Caribbean in an effort to determine whether or not she’s cheating. He does this with the help of his biochemist sister, who makes the disguise a lot more realistic than he expects.

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