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So, another month is in the books, and I really enjoyed writing August’s stories.

First up was “Transition”, which follows a young man who, fresh off of a stay at a conversion camp, embarks on his college career, all the while hoping he can become the man his father wants him to be.  However, a fraternity hazing ritual that sees him dressed as a girl sets him down the path towards discovering his own womanhood.  It features the beautiful Alina Lopez.

Next up was something a little different, “The Price of a Perfect World”.  In this one, starring Lena Paul, the government passes the Genetic Gender Conformity laws, which forces a conservative podcaster (as well as many others on his side of the aisle) into feminization and, eventually, sexual slavery.

Somewhere in the middle of that, I released my latest mini-series, called Homecoming.  Inspired by the story “College Changes a Boy” by Taylor Jordan, it focuses on a transformed young man after he comes home from studying overseas.  It stars Naomi Woods, and you can read it for free by clicking the following image:

And finally, I just released the finale of The Dark Elf War, called “A Queen’s Vengeance”.  Following the events of “Blood and Ash” and “City of Elves”, it follows Ash and Mia’ka as they infiltrate the dark elf city, Inithar, in an attempt to bring down a magical barrier preventing them from exacting vengeance on the hated dark elves. It’s now available on Amazon as well.  Just click the following image to be redirected to that listing:

So, it was a fun month full of exciting releases, and I think September is going to be just as good.  So, without further ado, let’s get into what’s planned for this month.

The first release planned for September (probably somewhere around the 15th) is an as-yet-untitled story featuring Kenna James.  In it, after a young man is dumped and friend-zoned by his girlfriend, his attraction for her soon turns to jealousy, and he starts fetishizing being her as opposed to being with her.

After that (probably to be released around the 24th) is another as-yet-untitled story, this one with a to-be-determined model.  In this one, a teenage girl who hates her stepfather teams up with her mother’s best friend to feminize and dominate him.

And, finally (toward the end of the month), I intend to release a new book in which a survival expert and his wife are stranded on an uncharted island.  When they make contact with the natives, the man soon finds himself being slowly transformed into one of the tribe’s women.

So – like I said, it should be a good month of releases.  I also intend to do another mini-series sometime this month (though I’m not really sure of many details, save that I know what kind of model I’m going to use), so keep an eye out for that.

In any case, if you’d like access to my work, you can get it by becoming a member of my site.  To find out more, just click the following link: