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Last month was a bit of a roller coaster for me (I got really, really sick for a bit), but I still managed to release two full-length caption stories, a mini-series, and a new book (albeit a couple of days later than anticipated).  So, I suppose, all in all, I’m pretty happy with how everything turned out.

July’s first release was entitled “Dancing with Delusion”, featuring the incomparable Riley Reid, and it told the story of a man who, after losing his corporate job, is forced to work with his girlfriend at a record production company.  Soon, he discovers that his new job requires a lot more sacrifice than he initially expected, and to fulfill his duties, he must set aside his heterosexuality, first, and then his manhood.

After that, I released (in pieces) a new mini-series called “Attention Whore”.  It actually ended up a bit longer than I expected it to be (at twenty-four frames).  Featuring Zoe Bloom, it tells the story of a young, former crossplayer (a cosplayer who likes to dress up as female characters) who makes a bet with his stepsister that culminates in a reawakening of his need for femininity as well as his fetish for attention, domination, and humiliation.  It, along with my other mini-series (four right now, but more coming soon), is free for everyone to enjoy.  Click HERE to be redirected to the page containing all my mini-series.

The second full-length caption story I released in July was called “An Eye for an Eye”, featuring Anissa Kate.  The story follows a young pimp who, after being incarcerated, is forced to become his cellmate’s lover.  When he’s finally released, one of his former prostitutes flips the situation on him, forcing him to become a whore.

And finally, I released “The City of Elves”, the second of three planned books in The Dark Elf War series and sequel to last month’s book release, “Blood and Ash”.  It follows Ash and his elven lover Mia’ka as the seek various alliances to aid them in their quest to liberate Tere’Lua’Sanmian, the elven homeland, from treacherous dark elves.

So, it was a fun, busy month (albeit a stressful one, due to getting sick).  Hopefully, this month will be no less busy (but a little less stressful).  In any case, I’ve got a few new releases planned that I think everyone’s going to like.

First up, to be released around the eleventh, is an as-yet-untitled caption story featuring Shyla Jennings (probably, unless something goes wrong during production).  It follows a college freshman who, after a mix-up on his college application, is enrolled as his sister.  His cousin then encourages him to embrace that role.

After that, I’ll release another caption story around the twenty-first.  This one follows a man who, after signing up for a trial to treat his erectile dysfunction, he experiences a “reaction” to the drugs, resulting in his feminization.

And finally, I intend to release the conclusion to The Dark Elf War trilogy, an as-yet-untitled book will focus on Ash and Mia’ka as they take the war to the city of the dark elves, Inithar.

In addition, I will probably release another mini-series – I’m not sure what it’ll be about yet, but I think it’ll star Tia Cyrus.  In any case, it’ll be free just like the other mini-series I’ve released so far.

So – we’re looking at a fun month of releases.  If you’d like to know more about how to get access to any of these stories (or the hundred-plus other caption stories and more than thirty books in my library), just click on the following link: