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Today, I published the second book in The Dark Elf War (following “Blood and Ash”), called “City of Elves”.  The synopsis is as follows:

In the sequel to Blood and Ash, City of Elves continues to follow Ash, who had been feminized by magic, and his mistress-turned-lover, Mia’ka as they embark on separate quests to liberate the elven city of Tere’Lua’Sanmian from the nefarious dark elves. To do so, Mia’ka and the warrior Tuk must treat with the dwarves for an alliance, while Ash must return to his homeland, accompanied by the elven queen and the king-turned-slave, Summer. There, Ash and the elves engage in diplomacy with the Kylirian King in order to gain the help of his knights.

Along the way, each party faces obstacles such as an evil witch who keeps a macabre menagerie of transformed humans, a lascivious suitors, and, ultimately, betrayal.

This is the second in the planned trilogy called The Dark Elf War, and it contains numerous sexual situations, including sexual slavery, nudity, and descriptions of sexual acts. It is only appropriate for adults.

If you’d like to read this (or any of my other books), you can do so in one of three ways.  First, you may simply buy it on Smashwords.  You can find the listing HERE.  Second, it’ll also be available for purchase on Amazon within the next couple of days (it takes up to 72 hours for new books to clear their review process, so keep checking back, and I’ll link it as soon as it goes live).  Or, third, you may gain access to all of my work (30+ books and over a hundred caption stories) by becoming a Platinum Member of my site.  To find out more, just click the following link: