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In addition to today’s caption, I just wanted to say that the new book (the second in the Dark Elf War that began with “Blood and Ash” last month) will release on 8/1/2020.  I know that’s a couple of days past the projected release date (usually, I release them on the 30th), but I’ve been a bit under the weather the past couple of days.  And let me just say that it’s really difficult to write when you have a fever.  Things just don’t seem to want to come together.  So, I had to kind of take a step back.  But I’m feeling better now, and I’m back to writing (coherently, too!).  In any case, I shouldn’t have any issues reaching that date, so this should be the only delay.  If it’s an issue for anyone, please let me know via my CONTACT ME page.

In any case, here’s today’s caption!