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I started writing my latest book, and it wasn’t until I’d finished most of the pre-writing that I realized that the plot and premise very closely resembled “A Warrior Reborn”, which was the first book I published.  So, not wanting to publish the same book, but with different names, I decided to go back to the drawing board a little bit.  So, instead of a warrior being taken prisoner by an Amazonian-esque society, I decided to hone in on a world that I’ve had in the back of my mind for a little while.  So, this month, I’ll be publishing the first book of a trilogy with the following premise:

After fleeing a battlefield, a young squire named Ash is captured by a troop of elves and imprisoned in their isolated palace.  Soon, he is forced to become a conduit – a means of accessing sorceress powers forbidden to elves – for the elvish princess, Mia’ka.  Over time, Ash discovers that his body is transforming, eventually to something of a humanized version of his mistress.  However, none of that prepares him for his first experience in the elvish court, at which he learns that his fate is one shared by nearly all elvish males.  

Follow Ash and Mia’ka as they, first, learn to work together, and then combat a conspiracy that spans the entire elven realm and into the lands of men.  

Like I said, it’s a little different than my original plan (and even moreso once the scope of the world and the history of its inhabitants is known), and it’s extremely ambitious.  That said, I won’t be able to tell the whole story I have in my mind over the course of one book, so I intend to tell it over the next three book releases.  Each book will be a standalone story, but they are dependent on one another.  Also, I’m going to need an extra day to get this first one out, so I think I’ll get it released on 6/1.  I hope you’ll all understand, but if you’ve got an issue with it, just use the CONTACT ME page to tell me what’s going on.  As always, I’ll do whatever I can to help.