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Okay, so I beat my head against the wall with this photo modification for way too long.  I have like six versions of it, and seemingly, each was worse than the last.  However, this morning, I decided to give it one more attempt, this time with panties.  And to my surprise, it actually worked out.  So, whether you think it’s a great modification or not, I’m proud of it because I was able to solve the issue and put out an acceptable product.


As an aside, I may be a day late with this month’s first story.  I forgot that Sunday is Mother’s Day, which means that I’ll be a bit busy that day.  I’ll still try to get it up on time, but this is just a fair warning that it might not work out that way.

Also, as a reminder, if you haven’t voted yet on the caption story contest, you’ve got until Sunday to get your vote in for phase one.  From that list, we’ll narrow it down to ten semifinalists, and then, the week after, five finalists (from which the final story will be chosen).  So, if you want to have your say, you can click HERE to be redirected to the voting page.