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Okay, guys – so, April was, to say the least, an interesting month.  I won’t say much about the pandemic, except that I hope everyone’s still doing well, staying safe, and doing whatever the experts advise.  I can only hope that my work, as trifling as it is, helped some of you get through a tough time.  So, without further rumination on it, I’ll just launch into the recap of last month’s releases.

First up was “Masquerade”.  In it, after a man falls prey to a hypnotist at a hypnotism show, a man begins to feminize himself.  Soon, starts living completely as a female.  It features the incomparable Raylene.

After that came a fairly divisive story called “Circles”.  Featuring Aaliyah Love (one of my favorites models of all time!), it focuses on a man who, after becoming indebted to a crime syndicate, is forced into feminization and prostitution.

And, finally, there was my latest book, called “A Second Shot”.  This one was a long time in the making.  I had the idea almost two years ago, but I just haven’t had the chance (until now) to put it on paper.  It follows an elite, but aging, basketball player who, after losing out on a championship, inexplicably begins a slow transformation that ends up with him being a young white girl.

So, like I said – an interesting month with a trio of good releases.  Hopefully, May will prove to be better though, if only on the pandemic front.  In any case, I have three new releases planned for this month.

First up, to be released on 5/10/20, is a story featuring Vina Sky.  It follows a recent college graduate who, after losing his job, is kicked out of his apartment because he can’t afford rent.  With no other choice, he seeks out a different living situation, and he ends up (unknowingly) rooming with the former victim of his high school bullying.  Soon, he finds himself becoming feminized.

Next up, to be released on 5/20/20, there’s an as-yet-untitled story which follows another recent college graduate.  This time, however, the young man in question is the heir to a vast, multi-national corporation, for whom he begins to work.  However, through a mix-up, he lands in the secretarial pool and soon discovers that his father’s company routinely feminizes its enemies.

And, finally, on 5/30/20, I’ll release my next book.  Still untitled, it focuses on a rookie police officer who, because he looks incredibly young and feminine, is persuaded to go undercover as a transitioning high school junior in order to track down the source of a deadly new drug.

So, a few fun upcoming releases are schedule for this month.  Hopefully, they’ll turn out to be as good as they are in my head!  If any of this interests you, you can gain access to all my work (more than a hundred caption stories and twenty-plus books) by becoming a member of my site.  To find out more, just click the following link: