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Okay, so, after a month, I think it’s safe to close the submission process.  I hope that everyone who wanted to submit a story idea got the chance.  If not, keep it in your pocket for next time.

Originally, I was going to whittle these things down to five or ten stories.  That’s what I did last time.  However, I got so many good submissions that, outside of eliminating a handful that weren’t really feasible (sorry if I omitted your story!), I decided to just throw ’em all up here and let you all sort them out.  So, I guess, without further ado, here are the stories:

  • Businessman/Maid Swap 

After a man is fired from his high-powered job, he drunkenly signs everything over to his maid.  To get it back, he’s forced to live her life.

  • Highschool Story 

In order to help his friend with his crush, a young man poses as a girl.  However, things get out of hand when the girl’s doctor father decides to “help” the young man with his transition into womanhood via hormones and (eventually) surgery.

  • Prison Bitch Story

A young man is sent to prison (for a minor crime) and, in order to survive, becomes his cellmate’s bitch.  Once he gets out of prison, he tries to rebuild his life, but everything goes downhill when his cellmate is released and tracks him down.

  • Influencer Story

A wannabe streaming star is slowly manipulated into becoming a female in order to gain popularity.

  • Father/Son Feminization Story

A young man is kidnapped and feminized.  Throughout the process, the father is sent progress photos of his son, and the kidnappers demand the father’s feminization (or the son will be sold as a sex slave).

  • Couples Therapy Story

A couple having marriage difficulties seek couples counseling.  Because the husband has control issues, and the wife is too subservient, the therapist advises that they temporarily switch roles.  She takes over the business they own while he takes over the role as a trophy wife.

  • Reporter Story

While investigating a rapidly rising political star, a reporter soon discovers a global, feminist conspiracy to radically reshape society.  No one believes him, and soon, he finds himself at the mercy of the organization he tried to expose.

  • Ex-Marine Story 

A recently discharged Marine comes home, and after finding that his girlfriend was cheating on him during his deployment, is left homeless.  He turns to a buddy who was discharged eighteen months before and is surprised to see that he’s a gorgeous transgender woman.  While staying with her, he goes to work at a club as, first, a bartender.  However, he soon finds himself slowly adopting a more and more feminine role.

  • College Athlete Story 

When a college sends their soccer teams (both male and female) abroad to participate in a series of summer tournaments, a young man is forced to fill on the girls’ team after one of the young women gets ill.  After three months of progressive feminization, he returns home a very different person (and gender!).

  • Hippie Story 

A Ph.D. student, specializing in hippie culture, goes undercover in a commune as a woman in order to do research.  Once there, he’s dosed with hallucinogenic drugs, and he’s slowly convinced that he was always a woman.

  • Dom-to-Sub Story 

A man who works as a dominant at a sex club has the tables turned on him by a female colleague.  Soon, he finds himself being feminized.

  • Personal Trainer Story

A skinny Chines-American man who’s insecure about his body hires a personal trainer.  However, instead of helping him to attain the muscular body of his dreams, he’s slowly manipulated into complete femininity.

  • Bully Story 

A young man loses his girlfriend to his childhood bully.  After trying to fight (and losing) the bully, he positions himself as his girlfriend’s “Friend”.  The only way the bully will put up with this is if he dresses and acts like a girl.  He agrees, which sends him down the path to complete feminization.

  • Doctor-Nurse Story 

A sexist doctor is manipulated and forced into feminization by one of his nurses.  Soon, his whole life is turned upside down when he’s demoted at work.

  • Homo/transphobe Story 

A man hides his gender issues behind a veneer of racism and homophobia.  When his wife finds his blog, where he talks about his issues, she guides him into womanhood.

  • Plastic Surgery Story 

A teenager, unhappy with his appearance, decides to get plastic surgery (in Mexico, because it’s cheaper).  However, because of a mix-up at the hospital, he undergoes a series of feminizing procedures that leave him with the body of a young woman.  Because he looks nothing like his identification, he’s not allowed back into the country.  In order to survive, he (now she) starts to put that feminine body to good use.

  • Roommate Feminization Story

In order to win a bet (in which he has to refrain from masturbation or porn for two months), a man turns to chastity.  However, after a month, he’s desperate.  More, he’s read about orgasming through anal stimulation.  So, he soon cracks and uses a candle to masturbate.  His roommate walks in on him, and, soon, the man is persuaded into becoming his roommate’s “wife” for six months (in lieu of paying rent).  Would involve a race/culture change.

  • Drug Trial Story

A college student, strapped for cash, signs up for a drug trial for a penis enhancement drug (it’s supposed to make it bigger).  However, while the drug does work (at first), it also comes with the side effect of feminizing the rest of his body.  Eventually, even the penis enlargement reverses itself, and he’s left completely feminized.

  • Transgender Dominatrix Story

A dominant transgender woman realizes that her ideal mate is a feminized young man.  She works to make that happen, picking a college student who she then feminizes.

  • DEA Agent 

An undercover DEA agent is found out by a ruthless cartel who, instead of killing him, decide to make an example of him.  They feminize and brainwash him, then put him to work as a prominent whore.  However, they soon find another use for a beautiful “girl” with her skills.

  • Tenant Feminization Story 

New in town, a young man finds an apartment at a steal.  However, after he moves in, he soon notices that all his neighbors are female.  And gorgeous.  Over time, he discovers (through firsthand experience) that his landlady feminizes her tenants to augment her expensive escort service.  And he’s next.

  • Cruise Feminization

A man and his girlfriend win a free cruise, during which he (as well as all the other male passengers) are feminized.

  • Hiding from the Mob Story 

After getting on the wrong side of a local crime syndicate, two men completely change their respective appearances and go into hiding as Hispanic mother and daughter.

  • Gynecomastia Story 

A man with gynecomastia is forced to start wearing bras to ease his back pain.  The store clerk who performs his fitting takes a liking to him, and soon, he finds himself being feminized.

  • Transgender Man Story

A transgender man (genetic female who’s become a man through HRT and surgery) offends the wrong witch, and he’s transformed into bimbo.

  • Understudy Story 

An unpopular young man takes his older sister’s place in a play, which sends him down the path to complete feminization.

  • Hypnosis Story 

With the aim of helping her twins become more stereotypically masculine/feminine, a woman turns to hypnosis.  However, the twins mix things up, and the boy gets the ones intended for the girl, and vice versa.  The hypnosis works.

  • Fetish-Gone-Too-Far Story

Searching for a way to spice up their marriage, a couple turn to the wife’s kink for feminization.  It starts with panties, but soon progresses to dressing up and cuckoldry.  However, things get serious when she signs him up for a “class” that turns out to be a feminization school that employs a variety of methods (hormones/surgery/hypnosis) to cater to its mostly involuntary students.

  • Makeup Challenge Story

In order to boost his popularity, struggling streamer decides to take part in the “boyfriend challenge”, in which girls show off their makeup skills by making their boyfriends look like girls.  His audience is very receptive, which spurs him to further feminization.

  • Indentured Servitude Story

In a world where recently graduated students who can’t afford to pay their debt are forced into indentured servitude, a young man is acquired by a porn company.  At first, he works as a production assistant, but soon, he’s given the opportunity to become a performer – so long as he doesn’t mind submitting to a bit of feminization.  Knowing that it could shave years off his term, he agrees.

  • Halloween Story

For a laugh, a college freshman decides to attend a “Pimps and Hos” ball as a ho.  However, his girlfriend gets carried away, and he ends up looking less like a joke and more like a real girl.  He gets lost along the way, and after being accosted by a real pimp, he’s arrested for prostitution.  His conservative parents cut him off.  He’s kicked out of college.  He loses most of his friends.  So, when the pimp offers him a “job”, he has little choice but to take it.

  • Guinea Pig Story 

A down-on-his-luck young man volunteers for a radical and untested procedure that ends up with him being completely feminized.  When he gets back home, he tries to go back to school, but the allure of easy money as a sex worker overwhelms him.


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