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Today I published a new caption story entitled “Circles”.  In it, a depressed young man is transformed into a woman and forced into prostitution in order to work off a gambling debt.

I know this is a bit different than the schedule might suggest, but sometimes, these stories change as I’m writing them.  I fully intended for this to become a race-play type story, but it just didn’t shake out that way.  I hope you’ll all like it anyway!

If you’d like to read this caption story (or any of the hundred-plus others I’ve published), you can do so by becoming a member of my site.  Just click the following link to find out more:


I should also mention (for those that care) that I’ve made quite a few site improvements over the past week or so.  Not least among these is the return of the download feature.  Now (as when the site first opened), you can download the entire story for easier reading.  In addition to that, I also upgraded the server so the site runs a good deal faster.  So, if you cancelled your subscription in the past, maybe some of these improvements will have addressed your concerns.

And finally, I’m still accepting submissions for the caption story contest, so if you’ve got an idea, please use my CONTACT ME page to tell me your story idea.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just click HERE to find out more.