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Ouch.  That kind of hurt.  Normally, it’s like pulling teeth to get people to rate my stories.  No matter how many people read them, I usually cap out at six or seven ratings.  It’s one of the reasons I discontinued them for a while.  That said, I’ve already gotten that many ratings for the latest story, and the results are…um…not great.  Or bad.  Let’s go with bad.  And I get it.  I was doing something a little different with “Circles”, and that, coupled with the story’s switch, was always a recipe for bad reviews.  With that in mind, if you didn’t like the story (or if you’re one of the ones who did), please let me know why you did or didn’t like it via my CONTACT ME page.  My goal is to put out the best product possible, and I need to know what the issue is if I’m going to avoid it in the future.  And while criticism doesn’t always feel great, I think it’s a necessary part of growth.  So, let me know.  I’m all ears.