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I’m certain that most of you remember the story submission contest I did last year, but for those who don’t, I’ll explain it.  Basically, in January of last year, I ran a contest where readers submitted their ideas, and from those ideas, I let you all decide which one would get made into a caption story.  It was a huge success (resulting in the caption story “Angel”), so I wanted to do it again.  I hope it’ll be fun, and here are the ground rules:

  • All submissions must be done so via my CONTACT ME page. If you simply email it to me, I may not see it (so much stuff goes straight to spam!). Use the following in the body of the message: CAPTION STORY SUBMISSION
  • All submissions must contain the following information:
    • General Concept (1-2 sentences describing the idea)
    • Model Type (age range, body type, hair color)
    • Setting (location)
    • Protagonist Name
    • Any Secondary Information You’d Like Considered
  • All ideas must be submitted by 4/30/2020 (I intend to publish the story in June)

There – that’s not too bad, right? In addition, whoever wins the vote will also have the opportunity to go more in-depth with their story idea, going so far as to specify names, secondary characters, kinks, and anything else they might like to see. Basically, I intend to structure this just like one of my commissions.

So, if you’ve been wanting to see something specific, now’s your time to shine! Remember, send me the above-mentioned information via my CONTACT ME page, else I probably won’t get to see it.  I hope to get lots of responses!