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So – January was interesting, to say the least.  And busy.  Not only did I release the normal number of caption stories (2) and a new book (1), but I also managed to release a new Girl-a-Matic guide.  And I was very pleased with how they all came out.

First up was “A Mother’s Gift”, which featured Ava Dalush.  In it, after a young man marries a much older woman, she pushes him toward feminization.  Once he’s completely feminized, he starts up a relationship with his son-in-law.

After that, I released “Porn Star”.  After showing himself to be an inept manager of his father’s production company, the heir to a porn empire is forced into a life on the other side of the camera.  It’s full of call-backs to old stories (the Gemini series and A Series of Suggestions), so if you enjoyed those, you’ll definitely like this one!  It features Veronica Rodriguez (among others!).

The third piece I released last month was a new Girl-a-Matic guide called “How to Sissify Your Stepfather”.  Like my other guides, it details exactly what the title suggests.  It features Krissy Lynn.


Finally, I released a new book called “Man of the Future”.  In this story, after his girlfriend embraces radical feminism, a young man must adapt to her changing tastes.  That includes role reversal and near-complete feminization.

So, like I said – a very full month.  And while February won’t see as many releases (going back to three), I think it’ll be just as satisfying.  I’m very much looking forward to writing the scheduled stories.  So, without further ado, let’s get to them:

First up, to be released on 2/9/2020, is an as-yet-untitled story about a divorced father who’s been forced out of his children’s lives.  Desperate to see them, he enlists the help of his longtime friend to help him pose as his daughter’s former best friend.  Needless to say, he gets far more than he bargained for when he starts to live the girl’s life.  Featuring Maya Bijou.

Next, coming on 2/19/2020, is another untitled story detailing the forced feminization (at the hands of his stepsisters) of a young delinquent.  This one stars Dani Jensen.

And finally, on 2/28/2020, I’ll be releasing my next book.  Set in the old west, a baby-faced gunslinger must pose as an old comrade’s daughter so he can escape the law.  Soon, he becomes trapped in his new life.

I’ve had these stories in my mind for a little while now, so I’m really excited about finally getting them on paper.  Hopefully, you’ll all enjoy reading them as much as I will no doubt enjoy writing them.  If you’re interested in reading these (or the rest of my library, which includes nearly a hundred caption stories and two-dozen books), you can do so by becoming a member of my site.  Just click the following link to find out more: