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So – it looks like a good time to close both of the polls I recently posted.  Here are the results:

First of all, the caption story poll was super close (between the top three).  However, it looks like a decisive victory for “Role Model” over “The Primrose Academy” and “Daddy’s Boy”.  As such, I’ve replaced the free caption story with “Role Model”.  So, thank you for your input.  It actually turned out a little differently than I expected.  If you’re not a member and you’d like to check out a free story, just click the following image to be redirected to the story’s page:

The book poll wasn’t nearly as close, and “Bimbo” came in with a resounding victory, more than doubling the next vote-getter.  So, message received there.  Getting feedback is very important to me, so thanks to all who participated in either poll.  If you’d like to read “Bimbo”, just click on one of the following links to be redirected to either the Amazon listing or the Smashwords listing.

BIMBO (Amazon)

BIMBO (Smashwords)

Also, in a bit of housekeeping, I’d been having a little trouble with one of the updates for the rating plug-in I use for the stories, and, for the past couple of months, I’d been leaving it off.  However, I recently had the chance to figure out what was going wrong (it was decidedly user error on my part), so I fixed it.  It’s working fine, now, so I added it to all the stories now.  So, if you read them (going back to  “Reparations Day”), and you want to comment, please feel free!  It definitely helps!  Again, thanks for the poll responses and for being fans of my work.  You’re very much appreciated!

As always, if you’d like access to my other caption stories or books, you can gain said access by becoming a member of my site.  Just click the following link to find out more: