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So – it looks like voting has died down for the favorite caption story of last year, so I’ve tallied the results, and it looks like we’ve narrowed it down to six stories that stand above all the rest.  They are as follows:

Role Model

The Primrose Academy

Reparations Day

Daddy’s Boy



Just like last year, I intend to use this poll to determine which story will represent my work for the following year (as the free caption story).  Last year’s winner, “Political Animals”, will be taken down (from the free portion of the site), and one of these six will take its place.  However, because the voting was so close between these stories, I’m making a new poll to see which one gets the spot.  So, without further ado, here’s the new poll:

[crowdsignal poll=10492699]

I’m also going to post another poll sometime in the near future to determine which of 2019’s books you all liked the best.  So, keep a lookout for that.