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I just wanted to let you all know that I’ve updated the schedule to reflect the delay in the latest book’s release.  I intend to get it published on the 7th of this month, so if this delay has caused any issues for you (meaning that you cancelled your Platinum membership after the previously scheduled release date and would still like to read the book), please let me know via my CONTACT ME page.  I’ll make sure you have access to it (after I check the records to make sure you were a Platinum member on the 29th of last month, and thus, entitled to the book).  In addition to updating that release date, I’ve pushed the January release dates back a couple of days to give me a chance to catch up (after my illness).  They are as follows:

1/8/2020 – Sorceress (book)

1/13/2020 – A Mother’s Gift (caption story)

1/22/2020 – Porn Producer Story (caption story)

1/25/2020 – Girl-a-Matic: How to Sissify Your Stepfather (bonus story!)

1/31/2020 – Women’s Studies (book)

I’ll make a little more in-depth post (the same way I do at the beginning of each month) once the latest book is released.  However, I just wanted to keep you all updated as to the plan for getting the schedule back on track after my illness forced the delays.  If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to let me know via my  CONTACT ME page.  Thanks again for all your well wishes and patience, and I hope to get everything back to normal over the course of this month.