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I really did hope to get this posted yesterday, but my energy levels just bottomed out, and I wasn’t able to keep going.  In any case, I got the new caption story, “Spy” finished this morning, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out (all things considered).  I hope you all enjoy it!

Featuring Gianna Nicole and Holly Hendrix, “Spy” tells the story of a pair of government agents tasked with infiltrating a militant feminist organization.  However, after their preparation commences, they soon find out that they’re in for a lot more changes than they bargained for.

If you’d like to read this story (or almost a hundred in the same vein), just click on the following link to find out how to become a member of my site:


Again, I do apologize for the lateness of this story’s publication.  I don’t think I’ve felt as horrible as I did a few days ago since I first went on chemotherapy.   However, I do think I’m climbing towards recovery, so I hope to get back to normal soon-ish.  I’ll keep you all updated as to any other scheduling changes.