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I said I would keep you all updated, so here it is:  I’m getting better.  You don’t realize how much energy being sick uses up until you try to resume normal activities.  For me, that happened when I tried to get back to work, something that lasted for about five- or ten minutes at a time for the past day or so.  I never knew sitting at my computer and typing could make me so tired!  But it did, and, inevitably, I guess I kept crashing back into my bed to doze fitfully while I worried about getting my content out (I know – a lot of you have told me I should be more focused on my health, but I’m worrier).  In any case, I think I’m almost back to normal, which means that the new story will be out tomorrow or Christmas Eve (depending on energy levels).  After that, I’ll resume my caption-a-day schedule, and bring the new book out before the end of the month.

Again, I appreciate all the well-wishes, and I hope to get back to normality pretty soon.  Thanks for your suppor