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So – November’s in the books, and it was a pretty fun month for me.  With two November’s releases, I got to go back to a sub-genre that I’ve always found interesting (racially motivated feminization).

First up, I released “Reparations Day”, which was an updated take on a caption story I did a while back.  Set in a world where white men have become second-class citizens, after a young man is accused of a crime, he opts for feminization in lieu of jail time.  It features Natalia Starr.

For November’s second caption story, I released “Emily”, featuring the incomparable Alexis Texas.  After accepting the wrong job, a young private investigator is convicted of corporate espionage.  In a deal to avoid considerable jail time, he agrees to go undercover to investigate one of his father’s old colleagues for human trafficking.  Once he does, however, he discovers that his role will be as a high-end, transgender escort.

And finally, with a bit of a blast from the past, I went back to the setting that got me into writing and captioning in the first place: The Omar Bell Universe.  In “Sugar”, a misogynistic college loner must cope with both the changing world and his own changing body when Dr. Bell hatches his nefarious plan to feminize the world’s white, male population.

So, like I said – a really nice month.  I had a lot of fun working on it, and I believe I’ll have just as much fun with December’s planned releases.

First, on 12-10-2019, I intend to release an as-yet-untitled story featuring Emily Willis.  In it, after a twenty-something year-old man marries a much older woman, he begins changing the way he dresses, eventually succumbing to complete feminization.

Then, on 12-20-2019, I’ll release another as-yet-untitled story.  This one will feature Gianna Nicole (among others) and will focus on a group of government agents tasked with infiltrating a hardcore feminist (and criminal) organization.

And finally, for this month’s book, I will release “Witch”.  In it, after a high school senior delves into witchcraft, he finds himself slowly changing.  When it becomes too much to ignore, he seeks help and finds that witchcraft can only be practiced by women.  If he continues to do magic, he’ll become irrevocably feminized.

So, it should be a fun month of releases.  If any of this sounds like something you might be interested in reading, just head over to my website to find out more about how to access my work (almost a hundred caption stories and over twenty books).  To do so, click the following link: