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Sometimes in life, it’s easy to focus on the negative.  You don’t like your job.  You don’t like your relationships.  You wish you could drop everything, throw caution to the wind, and become someone else.  Or be the person you’ve always wanted to be (but for whatever reason, couldn’t).  I understand that.  I truly do, and better than most.

But what I’ve found (for the little it’s worth) is that we’re only ever as happy as we let ourselves be.  If we try to focus on the things that are going right, if we truly dwell on the good in our lives (be they small, seemingly inconsequential things like a good meal or a soothing shower or the big things like a significant life change that brings us closer to being the people we want to be), we can make our lives a little better.  And if we can, we should.  So, be thankful.  Be grateful.  Little things or big, it doesn’t matter.  Every step forward is a step away from all the negativity that weighs us down.

So, in that spirit (and from a fairly anonymous stranger on the internet), I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving.