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Today, I released a new caption story called “Emily”.  Starring the incomparable Alexis Texas, it follows a young private investigator who, after accepting the wrong job, is convicted of corporate espionage.  In a deal to avoid considerable jail time, he agrees to go undercover to investigate one of his father’s old colleagues for human trafficking.  Once he does, however, he discovers that his role will be as a high-end, female escort.

For those of you who’re interested in the reasons for the two-day delay, it basically came down to me getting nearly finished with the story I’d originally intended to write for this slot and realizing that it didn’t work at all.  Rather than publish something that wasn’t up to my standards, I chose to scrap it and start over.  However, I may revisit that idea (a corporate-wide feminization of male employees) in book form sometime in the near future.

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