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I probably should’ve posted this a few days ago, but life’s been a bit hectic over the past week.  In any case, here’s the recap of October along with the upcoming schedule for November.

So, last month was a fun one for me.  I wasn’t as rushed as I’ve been the previous couple of months, so I was able to focus a little more on quality (rather than just making sure the content got produced).  And I think it shows in the final products.

First up was “Sociopath”, which was the story of a young content producer (for a local news station) who, when he starts dating his boss’ sister, begins losing his masculinity, bit by bit.  It features the gorgeous Uma Jolie (so exotic!).

After that, just before Halloween, I released “Love, Infatuation, and Obsession”.  As most of you know, Halloween holds a special place in the hearts of crossdressers (and genre orbiters) everywhere.  It’s so easy to imagine a situation where a “silly” costume becomes something much more provocative and life-changing.  So it was in October’s second release.  In it, after a young man agrees to attending a Halloween party as his favorite video game character (the Tomb Raider herself, Lara Croft), he finds himself transitioning into complete femininity.  It stars Charity Crawford.

And finally, on the 29th, I published my latest book, “Bimbo”.  In it, after a young man graduates college, he finds himself following in his stepmother’s footsteps, eventually becoming a busty, blonde bimbo.  It’s a bit more complicated than that (obviously), and features a pair of transformations (the stepmother and the son) and lesbian domination aplenty.  It’s available on Amazon HERE or Smashwords HERE.

So, like I said – a fun month.  And I think November will continue that trend.

The first scheduled story (to be released on the 9th or the 10th, depending on how things work out for me) is an updated take on a caption story I did a while back.  It’s set in a world where white guilt has taken over to the extent that white males (whose ancestors were the primary owners of slaves) are taxed into virtual poverty as a form of reparations.  However, some men have managed to skirt these taxes by taking jobs with the government.  The story follows one such man (who works as an assistant district attorney) as his “privilege” is revoked and he’s all but forced to leave his masculinity behind (in order to survive).  It features Natalia Starr.

November’s second story (to be released on the 19th) is a more traditional story in that it focuses on a middling-sized company as it transitions into new (feminist) ownership.  Soon, many of the male employees find themselves being pushed into new positions and forced into increasingly more feminine situations.  There are multiple stars in this one, but I haven’t yet settled on a single focal point.

Finally, on the 29th, the Omar Bell Universe returns by popular demand.  In “Sugar”, a down-on-his-luck college loner experiences The Great Change and soon finds himself with a blossoming social life that culminates in his becoming a sugar baby for a wealthy man.

As I said, this should be a good month.  If you’d like to read any of the already released caption stories or my more traditional text novels and novellas, you can do so by becoming a member of my site.  To learn more about memberships, just click on the following link: