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So, September was a really cool month, and for a couple of reasons.  First among them was that I finally started to get everything with my schedule back on track.  It wasn’t easy, but I think I managed it; going forward, everything should go as scheduled.  But following closely behind that were the trio of stories I released last month.

First up was “Daddy’s Boy”, which featured one of my favorite models of all time, Elsa Jean.  She’s so damned adorable that it seems crazy that she’s an adult performer.  However, as crazy it may be, that situation is definitely our gain.  In any case, she seemed perfect for “Daddy’s Boy”, which followed Tyler, a naive young man who doesn’t seem to realize the first thing about his sexuality, as he runs away from home only to fall in with a sex cult.  This being The Feminization Station, he obviously ends up feminized!  It was a fun one to write, and it’s so far been well received.

After that came the fourth installment in the Gemini series (or fifth, if you count the spiritual sequel, Spouse Swap).  Obviously, having revisited the concept so many times, it’s one of my favorite ideas; I just can’t get enough of the whole “life swap” premise, and I’ll almost definitely come back to it again in the future.  For those who don’t know, the Gemini series focuses on an online reality show whose premise is based around transforming a man (or sometimes, a woman) into someone else of the opposite gender.

In this case, the subject is Jordan Carter, the millionaire founder and owner of a man-focused website devoted (almost exclusively) to the objectification of women.  After a sexual misconduct allegation that threatens to ruin him, he’s persuaded to take his coed sister’s place as part of a settlement with his accuser.  That sends him down the path to transforming into Katie, portrayed by the perfect Dillion Harper; obviously, sexy hijinks ensue!

And, finally, less than a week ago, I released “Olympus”.  I’ve had this concept in my head for quite some time, and I was extremely happy to see that idea come to life.  It focuses on a high-powered investment banker who, after losing his job because of his abrasive nature, is persuaded by his wife to spend two years working on Olympus, an exclusive resort catering to the ultra-wealthy.  Once there, he’s transformed into a genderless servant (while his wife takes her place as the living representation of the Greek muse, Calliope).  After nearly a year living under this arrangement, he is given the opportunity to step up in the world and becomes the dominant embodiment of the Greek goddess Athena.  To read it on Amazon, click HERE.  For the Smashwords listing, click HERE.  To get the coupon code (for Platinum Members), click HERE.

There’s a lot going on in this one – from a variety of transformations (including into mythological creatures like fauns and centaurs) to some kinky BDSM fantasies – but I think it came together really well.

So, like I said – September was a busy month with a lot of fun stuff.  And I hope October is just as interesting.  So,without further ado, here’s this month’s upcoming schedule:

First, to be released on 10/9/2019, is an as-yet-untitled story featuring the exotic Uma Jolie.  It follows a reporter who, after starting to date his new boss’ daughter, begins to exhibit feminine characteristics and tastes.  Before he knows it, he’s prancing around the news station in skirts and high heels!

After that, on 10/19/2019, I plan to release a special Halloween story (as-yet-untitled) focusing on a young man who, after being persuaded to crossdress for the holiday, finds himself drawn into a world of feminization that ultimately leaves him (and his life) completely transformed.  This is probably the most requested premise, so I hope it turns out as well as I picture it in my head!  It will feature Charity Crawford.

And, finally, on 10/29/2019, I will release a new novel detailing the descent of an uptight and proper female CEO into a buxom, blonde bimbo.  Soon after her transformation is complete, her son follows in her footsteps.  This one’s been on my mind a lot lately, so I’m really looking forward to get it down on paper.

So, this months’ going to be a fun one, and I hope you’ll all enjoy reading my new stuff as much as I anticipate creating it!  If you’d like access to any of these (or the hundred-plus other stories in the same vein), just click on the following link to find out how to become a member of my site: