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So, last month was pretty awesome, and for a lot of reasons.  Not only did I have a lot of fun with the month’s three releases, but they were also very well received.

First up (released on 7/9/2019) was “Spouse Swap”.  I’d been looking forward to doing this one for a little while, and I think it turned out as well as I had hoped it would be.  Featuring the absolutely perfect Sophia Leone, it was the story of a man and woman who agreed to switch lives (and spouses).  A spiritual successor to the “Gemini” stories, it was definitely a fun ride.

After that came “Manipulation” (released on 7/20/2019).  This one gave me the opportunity to use a model I’ve liked (and wanted to use) for a long time, the adorable Trinity St. Claire.  In it, a young man loses a bet which sends him to his high school graduation wearing makeup.  After that, he’s pushed down the path to complete feminization.

And finally (on 7/29/2019), I released a book I’d been working on for quite some time.  This one started well over a year ago, and my schedule finally let me finish it.  Titled “American Tranny”, it follows a young, transgender woman who, while trying to live a double life, is outed.  The story follows her as she deals with the aftermath of that while trying to pick up the pieces of her life.

So, like I said – July was a fun month, and I think August will prove to be just as great.  I’ve got three new releases scheduled:

First up (to be released on 8/9/2019) is an as-yet-untitled story featuring Samantha Saint.  This one follows a recent adherent to men’s rights activism who agrees to walk a mile in the fairer gender’s shoes.  After getting help from his lesbian stepsister, he goes down a path he never could have expected.

After that is one I’ve been thinking about for quite a while.  I wouldn’t say age progression is a particular fetish for me, but when this idea started to form in my mind, I couldn’t wait to get it down on paper.  The basic premise of this as-yet-untitled story is that a young man has a fetish for being an older woman.  When this comes to light, his therapist suggests he take a “test run” that sends him down the road to becoming exactly what he fetishizes.  This one will be released on 8/19/2019).

And, finally, after last month’s novel’s heavy topic, I’m going to be publishing “Once Bitten”, a true piece of erotica that tells the story of a pair of men who, after getting frisky with an alluring stripper at a bachelor party, end up being transformed into her feminized playthings.  To be released on 8/29/2019.

If any of this sounds like something you’d enjoy, just click the following link to find out how to get access to my work (more than a hundred stories in a similar vein):