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Today, I published a new book, titled “For his Own God”.


In it, after being dominated by his little sister, a young man is forced to assume the role of a little girl. Soon, events conspire to put him in increasingly humiliating situations as he continues his regression.

It’s a pretty simple (and clean) story of age regression inspired by the work of Princess Pantyboy on Fictionmania (which you can find HERE).  Some of it requires a healthy suspension of disbelief, but it’s a fun coming-of-age (or whatever the reverse of that is) story with quite a bit of humiliation thrown in for good measure.  Like I said, though, it’s a clean story (I’d rate it PG).  So, if you’re looking for my usual fare, this probably isn’t it.  However, if you’re looking for something a bit different, this might be a fun read for you.

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