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Last month was an exciting month, mostly because I was able to release three fun new stories.  First (on 5/9/2019) up was “Trophy”, featuring the incomparable Dylan Ryder.  It told the story of a man who, in order to avoid losing his assets to an FBI investigation, signs his wealth over to his wife.  Once she’s in control, she uses hew newfound power to send him down the path to feminization.

After that (on 5/19/2019) was “The Honey Trap”, which tells the story of a NASCAR driver who, after losing his friend and rival in a crash he caused, experiences a feminine awakening.  It stars Tori Black.

And finally, on 5/29/2019, I released my latest book, “A New World”.  In it, after his mother dies from a preventable lung disease, a young man accepts his friend’s offer to stowaway on The Nautilus, an intergalactic ship destined for Olympus, an offworld human colony which is often referred to as a paradise. However, something goes wrong during the seventy-year journey, and when he awakens, his body has been transformed (by the ship’s AI) into that of a beautiful woman. Soon, he finds himself thrust into a life he doesn’t really know on an unfamiliar world where he’s expected to act as the wife of one of the planet’s only honest politicians.

So, that was three fun stories that were pretty well-received.  But June promises to be even better.

On June 10, I’ll release a new as-yet-untitled story featuring a bevy of young starlets (including Lexi Belle, Shae Summers, Sarah Banks, and Ryan Ryans).  The story focuses on a group of men who are sent (for various reasons) to a facility where they’re feminized and set on the path to womanhood.  Some of you will notice that I’m releasing this a day later than normal.  This is due to the fact that I’ll be out of town on the 8th and 9th, and I won’t be able to frame or post the story until the day I get back.  I hope you’ll all forgive the minor speed bump here.

On June 19, I will be releasing a gender role reversal story where, after a woman gets a promotion at work, she starts to assert her dominance, eventually forcing her husband into the submissive, traditionally feminine role.

And finally, on June 29, I’ll be releasing a new book that covers some different ground.  In it, a small young man is forced (by his mother) to assume the role of a young girl, eventually culminating in his complete infantilization.

So, like I said, June’s going to be a fun month!

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