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Today, I published a new book, called “A New World”.  In it, after his mother dies from a preventable lung disease, a young man accepts his friend’s offer to stowaway on The Nautilus, an intergalactic ship destined for Olympus, an offworld human colony which is often referred to as a paradise. However, something goes wrong during the seventy-year journey, and when he awakens, his body has been transformed (by the ship’s AI) into that of a beautiful woman. Soon, he finds himself thrust into a life he doesn’t really know on an unfamiliar world where he’s expected to act as the wife of one of the planet’s only honest politicians.

If you’d like to read this book, it is currently available for purchase on Smashwords (HERE). By tomorrow, it should be available on Amazon as well. However, you can also gain access to the book by becoming a member of my site. To find out more, just click the following link:


Of course, if you’re already a member, just click the above cover image to be redirected to the Books Page (where you can get your coupon code and start reading).