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Today, I published a new caption story called “The Honey Trap”.  Featuring Tori Black, it follows a young, hot-shot NASCAR driver who, after losing his rival and best friend in a crash he caused, experiences a feminine awakening.

And I have to tell you all – I’m so glad this one’s finished!  It wasn’t that the thing was difficult to write – it wasn’t.  The story just flowed right to the page.  I also really like where the visuals ended up.  However, getting to this point was a bit of a slog, mostly because I had four false starts with models.  Originally, I was going to use Alexis Texas (based on a photo set of her as one of on-track girls), but I quickly realized she wasn’t right for the story I wanted to tell.  So, I abandoned those plans and went to another model.  Then, I went to another.  And another until, finally, I landed on Tori Black.  After that, the story went really well, like I said, I’m happy with how it ended.  However, I spent WAY too long on this one, and I’m glad to be moving on to the next one.  I hope you’ll all enjoy it.

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