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Anyone who’s been following my work for a while has probably figured this out, but I have a tendency to change models (for upcoming stories) pretty frequently.  Rather than chase something that just isn’t working like I want it to, I have no qualms with starting over from scratch.  That said, I’ve had a couple of recent complaints about switching models without notice.  So, I’m making this post to let you all know that the model for the next story (about a race car driver who ends up maimed) is being changed from Alexis Texas to Lily Adams.  Basically, it came down to the fact that I really didn’t think Alexis’ body (in her most recent photos) fit the mold of the character I wanted to use.  In addition, I was having some trouble finding an appropriate “before” model.  So, I just decided to scrap the plans I had for using her and switch gears to another model.  I hope that doesn’t cause anyone any inconvenience.

EDIT:  On second thought, I’m not sure who I’m going to use. I’ll know in the next day or so.  This kind of thing happens sometimes because I’m incredibly picky on who I use.  I’ll figure it out soon, though (kind of have to).  So, bear with me.