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I usually try to do these things in the first couple of days of a given month, but as many of you know, I’ve been incredibly busy trying to keep pace after the site issues in March.  I’m making progress, but I’m still a little behind (from where I’d like to be).  However, the content has continued to flow on schedule, so I’m proud of that!  In any case, April was a really fun month that saw a trio of solid releases, and I think May will be even better.  So, without further ado, I’ll go into the recap of what happened last month.

First up was “Angel”, released on 4/9/2019.  The result of the first Caption Story Submission Contest, it told the story of a young man who, after coming home from college, finds that his father has begun his transition into femininity.  As he tries to cope with this new reality, he finds himself succumbing to femininity as well.  It features Luna Star, and was incredibly well-received.  In addition, the success of this story told me that this kind of program could work, so I’ll definitely do another contest sometime in the future.

Next up was “Up in Arms”, featuring Abella Danger.  Released on 4/19/2019, it focused on an ATF agent who, in an attempt to infiltrate a gun smuggling operation, takes the place of the leader’s estranged, transgender daughter.  This is one I’d had in mind for a little while, and I love the way it turned out.  Plus, Abella’s incredibly sexy, so there’s always that!

And finally, I released a new book called “Voyeur” (on 4/29/2019).  In it, after receiving a coupon online, a listless young man visits Voyeur, Inc., which promises to let him see life through the eyes of his favorite celebrities. When he decides to take them up on their offer, he discovers that it’s an addictive experience that he can’t wait to repeat. Soon, he finds himself obsessed with it, which leads him down a path that ends with him becoming obsessed with and emulating a popular female singer.

So, that’s what happened last month.  But most of you know that, so let’s move on to what’s on tap for May.

The first release for May (5/9/2019) is an as-yet-untitled story featuring Dylan Ryder. In it, a man is forcibly feminized by his trophy wife and mistress, eventually becoming exactly the sort of bimbo he once coveted (and never came close to respecting).

After that, on May 19, 2019, I’ll release another currently-untitled story, this one featuring Alexis Texas.  In this story, a racer vows revenge on the man who ended his racing career, and he intends to get it any way he can, even if that includes transforming himself into a woman.

And finally, on May 29, I’ll be releasing “A New World”, which is a brand-new book in which a space colonist on his way to settle a new planet wakes up from hibernation to find himself completely transformed.

So, May is scheduled to be a really fun month.  To find out more about how to access these (or the 100+ other stories available), click on the following link: