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As scheduled, I just published my latest novella, “Voyeur”.  In it, after receiving a coupon online, a listless young man visits Voyeur, Inc., which promises to let him see life through the eyes of his favorite celebrities. When he decides to take them up on their offer, he discovers that it’s an addictive experience that he can’t wait to repeat. Soon, he finds himself obsessed with it, which leads him down a path that ends with him becoming obsessed with and emulating a popular female singer.

If you’d like to read it, it’s currently only available on Smashwords (HERE).  However, by tomorrow, it should also be available via Amazon.  You can find my author page HERE.  Also, remember that if you sign up for a Platinum Membership, you’ll get immediate access to all my work (over a hundred stories).  You can find out more about memberships at the following link:


As always, if you’re already a Platinum Member, just click the above cover image to be redirected to the “Books” page, where you’ll find a link to the book and a coupon code so you can download it.