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Today, I published a brand-new caption story called “Angel”.  Those of you who have been following the site for at least the last couple of months will recognize this as the winning entry in the recent Story Submission Contest.  A great many of you submitted your ideas, and I whittled them down to five.  From those five, you all voted for your favorites, and this idea (submitted by Elena Starz, who runs her own caption site which you can find HERE) won.  So, without further ado, here’s the premise:

After a young man returns home from college, he finds that his father has inexplicably (and surprisingly) decided to become a woman.  Understandably distressed by this news, he goes back to finish his senior year of college, where he starts to adopt his own feminine characteristics.  Ultimately, he unknowingly transitions to living life as a buxom, blonde bimbo.  It features Luna Star, Alexis Fawx, and Shay Evans.  

If you’d like to enjoy this caption story (or the 100+ offerings in my library), you’ll have to become a member.  To find out more, just click on the following link:


As an aside, I was really happy with how this turned out, and I do intend to start another contest next month sometime.  So, if you’ve got ideas, I’ll be happy to consider them for the next submission contest when the time comes.