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I meant to do this a few days ago, but after last month, I’ve been scrambling to get back on schedule.  So, it didn’t leave much time (or mental energy) to work on an update on April’s schedule.  However, I think I’m (mostly) caught up, so I have a few minutes to devote to this.  So, buckle up!  Here it comes!

So – last month was kind of a weird one.  I was less focused on the content and more worried about chasing bugs and issues with the newest version of the website.  Admittedly, I’m not a really all that tech-savvy, so it was a bit of a slog.  However, the content still flowed on schedule, which is something I’m incredibly proud of.

First up, I released “Irresistible Impulses”, starring Nicole Aniston.  It followed a recently discharged Army officer as he struggles with his fetish for feminization.  Soon, he finds himself being pegged, cuckolded, and living out his fantasies as a buxom, blonde bombshell.

Next, on 3/19/2019, I released “Down the Rabbit Hole”, featuring the adorable Alina Li.  In it, a young man gets the taste of the feminine life when he poses as a girl to appease his girlfriend’s parents’ conservative sensibilities.

And finally, I released a new book called “Empire of the Moon” (available on Amazon HERE).  Its premise is as follows:

Sandwiched between the savage Horde of Min Ferilik and the dominant, matriarchal Empire of the Moon, the Kingdom of Vilus has ever held its own. However, when its soldiers and nobility are struck by a mysterious illness, they succumb to a Horde invasion. Still deathly ill and imprisoned by their mortal enemies, the future looks bleak for the men of Vilus. Then, when they find themselves the victim of a powerful curse which feminizes them, it looks even worse. Soon, they are released from confinement and forced into sexual slavery. 

A small seed of hope blooms when Matthew, the once-powerful Duke, escapes enslavement, and with the help of two mysterious women, flees to the matriarchal Empire. Once there, he and his new companions must find a way to reverse the curse and retake the kingdom from the invaders.

So, that’s what happened last month.  I’m really proud of those three stories, and I’m so glad I was able to get the site back up and running properly.  I also appreciate everyone who offered support along the way, and I definitely thank all of you who’ve stuck with me through the changeover.  Hopefully, it won’t happen again.

Okay – so enough recapping last month.  Let’s look ahead to April, which will see three fun releases, one of which was the story you all chose in last month’s user-submitted ideas.

First, to be released on 4/9/2019 is a still-as-yet-untitled story about a feminized family.  This is the winner of the contest, and it focuses on a young man who comes home to find that his father has succumbed to feminization at the hands of his transgender stepmother.  Soon, he and his brother find themselves in the same boat.  It features Luna Star, Bridgette B, Alexis Fawx, and Shay Evans.

Next, to be released on 4/19/2019 is an untitled story featuring Amirah Adara.  It follows a young ATF agent who accepts an assignment to go undercover as an arms dealer’s long-lost transgender daughter.

And, finally, I’ll release  a new book on 4/29/2019.  It’s called Voyeur, Inc., and it follows a young man who, after finding a shady ad online which promises to “practically put you in the skin of your favorite celebrity”, finds himself thrust into the minds of various celebrities.  Soon, he’s slowly changing into a female actress’ doppleganger.

So – like I said, it should be a fun month.  If you’d like to read these (or my 100+ other stories), you’ll have to become a member of my website, The Feminization Station (which you can find HERE).  To find out more about membership, just click the following link: