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As some of you who’ve been following my work since the beginning know, one of my great loves is fantasy fiction.  It started (when I was eight or nine) with the Pendragon Cycle by Stephen Lawhead. And while it was a bit advanced for me, I fell in love with this whole other world Lawhead created.  I quickly progressed to other fantasy stalwarts like the Lord of the Rings, The Wheel of Time, The Sword of Truth, and, of course, the Robert Salvatore Forgotten Realms books (all bajillion of them).  I don’t read quite as much as I used to (at one point, I was bringing home a stack of books from the library every single week), but I’m still a sucker for a good tale of swords and sorcery.

So, when I settled on the idea of doing a book each month, I decided that I needed to write one in the genre I loved so much.  With that in mind, it didn’t take me long to settle on the idea of cultural feminization as a tool for war.  Following that, the whole world kind of just came together, so, when the time came to write my latest book, “Empire of the Moon”, it kind of just jumped onto the page for me.  I was really happy with how it turned out, and I hope you all will be too.  So, without further ado, here’s the synopsis for the new book, “Empire of the Moon”:

Sandwiched between the savage Horde of Min Ferilik and the dominant, matriarchal Empire of the Moon, the Kingdom of Vilus has ever held its own. However, when its soldiers and nobility are struck by a mysterious illness, they succumb to a Horde invasion. Still deathly ill and imprisoned by their mortal enemies, the future looks bleak for the men of Vilus. Then, when they find themselves the victim of a powerful curse which feminizes them, it looks even worse. Soon, they are released from confinement and forced into sexual slavery.

A small seed of hope blooms when Michael, the once-powerful Duke, escapes enslavement, and with the help of two mysterious women, flees to the matriarchal Empire. Once there, he and his new companions must find a way to reverse the curse and retake the kingdom from the invaders.

I’m also really proud of that cover, in case anyone cares!

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