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It’s the 19th, so, as scheduled, I’m releasing a new caption story called “Down the Rabbit Hole”. However, I do have to apologize because I forgot to update the publishing schedule to reflect a model change. As much as I like Bailey Brooke (the original model choice), I didn’t feel she was right for the story I wanted to tell. So, I switched to someone I thought was a little more appropriate, Alina Li. She’s a gorgeous woman with the perfect body for this story, so I hope you all like her as much as I do.

The story itself focuses on a gender-confused college freshman who is convinced by his live-in girlfriend to pose as her female roommate in order to appease her parents (who would never approve of her living with a boy out of wedlock). It goes far better than expected, igniting (or re-igniting) a love of femininity, sending him down a path toward complete feminization.

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