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First, let me just say how much I appreciate everyone for sticking with me as I worked through these latest issues. It was a trying week for me, but getting the site back up and (mostly) running the way it’s supposed to was a huge relief. It was also quite meaningful to me how many of you offered your support. I appreciate it and I definitely won’t forget it. That kind of thing keeps me going. So, even though the month didn’t really end the way I wanted it to, I still regard it as a success. Not only did we I get over the speed bump of having to move to a different host, I did so while maintaining my publishing schedule (not an easy thing, given how much time I had to spend transferring the site).

The first release of last month (on 2/9/2019) was “Too Good to be True”, which featured the incomparable Peta Jensen. It followed a young man who, after being cut off by his parents, is forced to take a job as the assistant of a powerful woman. Soon, he finds himself dressing and acting more femininely.

The second release (on 2/19/2019) was one of my personal favorites, “Gemini: Volume Three”. Featuring the adorable Ariana Marie, it followed a down-and-out young man as he participates in the Gemini Contest, which had him taking over his promiscuous young sister’s life.

And finally, on 2/28/2019, I published a new book called “Little Man”. I’m not shy about saying that I think this is my best (traditional text) work. It follows a recently-fired, petite man as he’s forced to assume the role of a teenage girl.

So, from a content perspective, it was definitely a good month, and I think March has a chance to be even better.

First, on March 9, 2019, I’ll be releasing “Irresistible Impulses”, which follows a recently discharged Army officer as he struggles with his fetish for feminization. Soon, he finds himself being pegged, cuckolded, and living out his fantasies. It features Nicole Aniston.

Second, on March 19, 2019, I will publish “Rabbit Hole”, the story of an incoming college freshman who lies about his gender so he can room with his girlfriend. Featuring Bailey Brooke.

And finally, on March 29, 2019, I’ll be publishing a new, as-yet-untitled fantasy book which a country stuck in a perpetual, three-sided war succumbs to its female-dominated neighbor to the west and its barbaric rival to the east. The noblemen of the defeated country are transformed into feminine, submissive slaves while the noblewomen are sent away.

So – like I said, it should be a fun month!

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