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I never announced it on the day I published, but on the 28th of last month, I released my latest book, “Little Man”. I’m actually pretty proud of this one, and for a couple of reasons. First, it’s a lot longer than my previous books. It kind of had to be to cover the ground I wanted to cover (almost five years in the protagonist’s life). Second, I wanted to do something a bit “cleaner”, both from a content standpoint and from a narrative perspective. After finishing up the Omar Bell books, I thought something simpler would be a good palate cleanser. And third, I think it really hits that “coming of age” mark where it evokes a certain sense of nostalgia, especially by the end.

Anyway, the story follows a short, slight almost-middle-aged man as he, first, loses his job, second makes some parenting mistakes with his stepdaughter which result in him being forced to “walk a mile in her shoes”, so to speak. With the help of his cosmetics company-owning wife, he’s forced to assume the identity of a teenage girl.

As stated in the mass email I sent out yesterday, I’m going to make this available to all current members of this site (as a bit of an apology for the downtime). So, check to see if your membership has lapsed before the 5th, which is when I’ll be distributing the coupons.

If you’re already a platinum member, you can go ahead and enjoy the book by clicking HERE and following the instructions (as always). And don’t worry – your apology gift is coming as soon as I figure out how to implement it (I’ve got an email out to support to get help).