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So – the site’s back up and running. I think most of the content should be available. However, there are a few problems I have to fix over the next couple of days, the first being some dead links. Basically, anything that was using a shortcode has to be modified to use the full URL (which is just about all the links from my original design).

That said, I’m so relieved that everything looks to be in order. I can’t thank GoDaddy enough for walking me through this issue. And, of course, I appreciate everyone’s patience.

All of that in mind, I’m expecting some unforeseen issues associated with the site’s changeover to present themselves. Some might be with billing (if you used a credit card to set up your membership and it was supposed to renew in the past few days, you may have to manually renew your subscription). But for now, I’m happy that at least the content is available.

Please, let me know if you have any issues. You can reach me via my CONTACT ME page.

Thank you all again for your patience! I’m so excited!