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Remember that the Story Submission Contest Voting is still going on.  If you’d like to vote, just click HERE.

And I also wanted to let you know that I got a bit mixed up with my schedule, and I wrote next month’s book in this month’s place. So, I switched the Age Regression (titled “Little Man”, now coming 2/28) and the Fantasy Books (now coming 3/29) on the release schedule.

I’m actually really excited about “Little Man”. I just finished editing it, and I think it’s one of my best (certainly the longest) stories yet. It follows a vertically challenged, middle-aged man who, after he loses a bet with his wife, is forced to shave his beard. When he does, he’s constantly mistaken for someone much younger, which soon sends him down the road to posing as a female teenager.

I hope you’ll all give it a shot because I got the warm fuzzies while writing it (and that usually tells me it’s something pretty good).