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Another month has passed, and from a personal perspective, January was one of the best months in a long while.  Not only did it see three fun, well-received releases, but I also started leaning in to the fan interaction thing by using a lot of polls to dictate the direction of some upcoming stories (specifically model selections).  In addition to that, I launched the first Caption Submission Contest, where many of you gave me some story ideas which will be voted upon later this month.  And I’m really happy to say that the response far exceeded my expectations.  So, thank you all for your participation. 

Now – on to the story release recap!

First up was “Role Model” (released 1/9/19), featuring Alix Lynx.  In it, a shy young man hates his father’s new wife, who he regards as a bimbo trophy wife.  However, after a trip to a family therapist, he starts to see her in a whole new light. 

Next (on 1/19/2019) was “Anarchy”, which was something of an homage to the popular television show, “Sons of Anarchy”.  However, in this story, featuring Kageny Linn Karter, Jax Teller finds himself kidnapped and transformed by a dominant woman.  Once he’s completely feminized, he’s forced to take a job at Cara Cara, the porn studio owned by his old motorcycle club. 

And finally (on 1/29/2019), I released the final Omar Bell Universe book, “Justice Creek: The Origin of Omar Bell”.  In it, a sheriff’s deputy of a small Mississippi town is captures, tortured, and eventually feminized.  Soon, he finds that his fate (and in some cases, a much worse one) is shared by his entire town.

So – those were the releases for last month. This month promises to be even better, I think. 

On 2/9/2019, I’ll be releasing “Too Good to be True”, a story in which a young man, after changing his major, is cut off by his parents.  Without any way to pay for college, he takes a job working for a rich, female hedge fund manager.  Soon, he finds himself dressing and acting a lot more femininely.  Features Peta Jensen.

Then, by popular demand, I’ll be releasing the third volume of the Gemini stories (aptly called “Gemini: Volume Three).  In it, a man takes the place of his promiscuous, younger sister.  However, he soon finds that he doesn’t really know her at all.  It’ll be released on 2/19/2019, and it features Ariana Marie. 

And last but not least, I’ll be releasing an as-yet-untitled fantasy novel set in a kingdom stuck in a perpetual two-sided war.  Soon, this kingdom succumbs to her neighbors – the female-dominated nation to her west and the savage barbarians to her east.  This spells doom for its population as its fighting men are forcibly transformed into feminine, submissive slaves while the women are sent away. 

So – like I said, it should be a fun month!  If you’d like to read these (or any of the rest of the nearly a hundred other stories in my library), you’ll have to become a member of my site.  To find out more, just click the following link: