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So, the poll’s only been open for a day, but I’m going to go ahead and close it.  It’s given me exactly what I needed: a consensus of opinions.

First, you all don’t like Holly Hendrix much, I think, as both of the model combinations featuring her lagged really far behind the others.  So, I’ll be putting her on the back shelf for now.  Second, the Shae Summers/Ryan Potter combination pulled ahead by a fairly large margin.  However, it’s also worth noting that Emily Willish/Joachim Milner came in second, which means I’ll almost definitely use that in the future. 

All of that said, I’ll be using Shae Summers/Ryan Potter (with a few body models in between) for the story.   This is assuming I can execute the transition appropriately (which is still up in the air, given how busty Shae is and the general lack of high-quality photos).  Thank you to all of you who voted.  Your input has been invaluable (in this poll and the previous ones as well).