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I’ve been getting some really good answers with these polls lately, so I figure I’ll keep them going.  Basically, for the next story I’m writing (to be released next month), I need a bit of help deciding which model combination I want to use.  The story’s pretty simple: a young man gravitates toward TG porn (fiction, videos, photos, etc.), and when his girlfriend finds out, she convinces him that it’s his way of dealing with a need to be feminine, setting off a chain of events which culminates in his complete feminization.

Sounds fun, right?  I think so.  But I’m kind of torn on which models I want to use.  I think they’ll all work (to varying degrees), but this is what I’m working with so far:

Emily Willis/Joachim Milner – This is probably the biggest stretch, because Emily Willis isn’t Asian.  But the eye shape and nose are really, really similar.

Kristina Rose/Ryan Potter – I probably like these two more as a pair than I like Kristina Rose as a primary model.  But I can definitely work with her.

Shae Summer/Ryan Potter – He has such a pretty face, and if I’m honest, his features are virtually identical to Shae’s.  My only issue is that Shae doesn’t really fit the image I was initially looking for with this story (those boobs are huge!).  However, there’s an angle I can use if this becomes the one I pick.

Holly Hendrix/Evan Ross – I’ve used Evan before.  That’s my biggest issue with this pairing.  I know his jawline isn’t even close to similar to Holly’s, but that’s an easy fix.  He has the right eye shape (if not position) and the mouth and nose are close enough that I can make it work.

Holly Hendrix/Eka Darville – Eka’s probably a closer fit for Holly, except that his eyes are way too far apart.  The only other issue with him is that there are only a couple of usable photos for him out there.  I’m less confident I can make him work than with the others, but I’ve done more with less.

Anyway, those are the choices I’ve come up with.  If you’ve got another pairing you’d like to see, just let me know in the comments or via my CONTACT ME page.  I’m also open to suggestions for a “Before” model to use with DARCIE DOLCE, who I absolutely adore.  So, I guess it’s time to put the poll up:

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