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December was a fun month for a lot of reasons, most notably because I was finally able to make a few needed changes to the site (new galleries, polls, and some organizational improvements).  But it also saw the release of a trio of well-received stories as well.

First up (released on 12/9/2018) was “A Different Perspective”, which followed a middle-aged man as he participates in an experiment which requires him to pose as a young, Latina housekeeper.  It featured Vienna Black.

Next (on 12/19/2018) was “A Mother’s Judgment”, which focused on a young man who, after being outed to his bigoted mother, is forced into conversion therapy which sees him transformed into a girl.  Featured Alli Rae.

And finally, on 12/29/2018, I released the penultimate volume in the Omar Bell Universe, “The Pursuit of Dr. Bell”.  It tells the story of the government agent tasked with tracking down and stopping the titular mad scientist.  Of course, while doing so, he’s forced to confront his own transformation.  

As fun as December was, I think this month can be even better.  First up, on 1/9/2019, I’ll be releasing “Role Model”, which is the story of a young man who finds himself inexplicably imitating his father’s young, trophy wife.  It stars Alix Lynx.

Next up, on 1/19/2019, is “Anarchy”, which is an alternate tale set in the “Sons of Anarchy” universe in which Jax Teller is feminized and transformed into a bimbo porn star.  It features Kagney Linn Karter.

Last up, on 1/29/2019, is the final installment of the Omar Bell Universe Series, entitled “The Origin of Dr. Bell”.  It’s a prequel which documents Bell’s first foray into vengeful transformation.  

So, like I said, we’ve got a fun month ahead of us.  Just click on the following link to find out more about how to read these (or the 70+ other) stories available.  

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