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I’ve been working pretty hard the past few days to fix a couple of issues with the site.  So, here’s what I’ve done:

  • Added all-new Galleries which should be faster, easier to navigate, and include a magnifying glass function.
  • Added a Download feature which will let members download individual images as well as entire galleries (look at the end of the galleries)
  • Updated the Caption Stories Page (new format, better organization, etc.).  Now, you’ll also be pleased to note that the sub-galleries (A-D, E-H, etc.) are more than empty pages now.  
  • Added a Frequently Asked Questions Page
  • Updated the Books Page to be a little clearer

My goal was to make the site a bit more functional, and I think it’s light years ahead of where it was yesterday.  If there are any other changes you all would like to see, please just let me know via the CONTACT ME page!